As your local Councillor, I wanted to sure you has the necessary information in advance of the concerts and to provide you with the contact details for the Community Liaison Officer apopointed by Aiken Promotions in line with the Event Licence permission.


Dublin City Council, on March 16th last,  granted an outdoor event licence to hold three outdoor concerts in the Phoenix Park (Whitefields Site) on the 16th (Wednesday) 18th (Friday) & 19th (Saturday) May 2018.

Gates open for each of the three concerts at 5pm, with the entertainment beginning from 6pm. The last act is due to finish each evening at 11.30pm.

Permission is subject to 27 separate conditions, including, but not exhaustively:

• Final Event Management Plan which had to be submitted to Dublin City Council 14 days in advance of the first concert.

• Agreement of Traffic Management Plan.

• Approval a Community Communication Plan, to include:

◦ Appointment of a Community Liaison Officer

◦ Local Residents’ Hotline to be answered between 9am & Midnight on each of the three concert days.

• Agreement and Implementation of Litter & Waste Management cleaning plan, which must include specific areas for litter picking:

◦ Chapelizod Road / Village and areas around the Bridge Inn pub on St. Laurence’s Road and the West County Hotel, Lucan Road.

◦ Conygham Road,

◦ Castleknock Road,

◦ Blackhorse Avenue – between North Circular Road to Ashtown Gate

◦ Old Cabra Road – between North Circular Road to the Navan Road

◦ Navan Road to Ashtown roundabout

◦ Ashtown roundabout to Ashtown Train Station

◦ North Circular Road as far as Phibsborough

◦ Infirmary Road

◦ Parkgate Street

◦ These areas must be litter free by 6am the morning after each Concert.


Aiken Promotions has appointed Yvonne Thunder as the Community Liaison Officer as required under the permission granted by Dublin City Council for the Outdoor Event Licence for the Ed Sheeran concerts later this week.

Yvonne has been tasked with dealing with logistical questions / concerns relating to the three concerts. She can be contacted until 7pm this evening by:

• Phone: 087 931 4511

• Email: yvonne.thunder@gmail.com

A contact number of Aiken Promotions is 087 976 9315 is available for you to contact in respect of any queries between 8am and 10pm from May 14th until May 20th.


From the permission granted by Dublin City Council, all works in the Phoenix Park associated with the three concerts is expected to be completed by Sunday, 27th May. All works are to be undertaken within the hours of 8am and 10pm, daily. The only exception being Saturday 19th May where works are permitted to continue until 1am.


Under the Traffic Management Plan agreed with the Transportation Department of Dublin City Council, the following road closures will apply:

• Castleknock road from junction at Auburn Avenue up to Ashtown Gate

◦ (16th, 18th & 19th May) 4pm – 1am

• Blackhorse Avenue from Ashtown Gate to Nephin Road

◦ (16th, 18th & 19th May) 4pm – 1am

• Chesterfield Avenue East Bound in to the city

◦ (16th, 18th & 19th May) 4pm – 1am

• Chesterfield Avenue West Bound out to Castleknock

◦ (16th, 18th & 19th May) 6pm – 1am

• Parkgate Street, Wolfe Tone Quay to Father Mathew Bridge

◦ (16th, 18th & 19th May) 9pm – 1am

• Conyngham Road (from Island Bridge to Parkgate Street)

◦ (16th, 18th & 19th May) 9pm – 1am

• North Circular Road from Aughrim Street to Infirmary Rd

◦ (16th, 18th & 19th May) 9pm – 1am

• North Road from Mountjoy Cross to Ashtown Gate

◦ (13th – 21st May) Midnight – 11.59pm

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Submission on Emerging Preferred Route for MetroLink

To whom it may concern;

I am writing as an elected representative for the North Inner City within the constituency of Dublin Central in support of the MetroLink project.

At the outset, I want to state my support for the delivery of a Metro transport infrastructure and endorse the recommendation taken by the National Transport Authority in 2014 that the construction of a Metro system occur to help ease the transportation needs of Dubliners now and into the future.

Notwithstanding this support, I believe the public consultation process that has taken place over the past six to seven weeks as being poor. The National Transport Authority, in my view, must take ownership of the consultation and communication element of this project from now until the completion of MetroLink, pending a successful Railway Order planning application. Too many residents, businesses and organisations have raised with me their criticisms of how the consultation process has been run.

With regards to the Emerging Preferred Route published by the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland at the end of March, I think many of the mistakes made with the ‘Metro North’ proposal more than a decade ago have not been repeated here. Like the points made by the Griffith Avenue & District Residents Association in their submission, I believe the planned use of roads to tunnel under as being a very positive step meaning that the number of homes that the tunnel or tunnels will run under is greatly reduced. I am conscious, however, of the households in the Goldsmith Street area of Phibsborough where tunnelling is proposed under the Emerging Preferred Route that these works at located at an appropriate depth so as to minimise the potential impact on homes and business, during both the construction and operational phases of the project. I am also of the view that there should not be any significant realignment of the Emerging Preferred Route that would see substantially more homes under which tunnelling would occur. In the event that such a situation should arise, the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland would commit to holding a further substantial and meaningful period of public consultation to enable any affected communities to be consulted but to offer their feedback and opinions.

In terms of the tunnelling requirements and the experience of other projects across the world, especially those undertaken in recent years, can one tunnel be used to locate both metro lines rather than two tunnels being dug in parallel to each other? My distinct preference would be, if it is feasible, that only one tunnel be dug to accommodate metro trains travelling in both directions. I feel that if this is an issue that can be made early and quickly, that the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland make such a decision early and communicate that decision to communities living along the route as quickly as possible. I say that on the basis that one tunnel rather than two will have significantly less potential impact on the homes, businesses and facilities of communities living along the proposed 26km route.

I think it is necessary for the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to think again about the location of the Tunnel Boring Machines being launched from the main pitches of Na Fianna CLG on St. Mobhi Road. The potential impact on the club is immense but also given the proximity of both Scoil Mobhi and Scoil Chatriona to the location of the proposed launch site as outlined in the Emerging Preferred Route. There are substantial grounds upon which the implication of this decision would have on both schools. Health and safety is an obvious one, but the impact and ability of teachers to educate young children in an environment that would have significant excavation, movement of heavy vehicles would be large. Indeed, if the Emerging Preferred Route was to be the basis of a Railway Order planning application coupled with the potential construction time period, future enrolment in both schools would be affected and possibly the continued viability of both would be brought into question. Therefore, I believe the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland, upon the completion of this period of public consultation, make the examination and resolution of this issue among its immediate priorities and to communicate the proposed resolution prior to the end of the current academic year at the end of June.

I welcome the approach of the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to link proposed stops along the Emerging Preferred Route that will see linking up occur with other transport infrastructure. I am conscious, however, that the proposed Glasnevin station is located next to the Royal Canal. I would request that the advancement of this project is not used by the National Transport Authority, in any way, to delay or impede the construction of the Royal Canal Greenway between Guild Street in Dublin 1 and Ashtown in Dublin 15.

Throughout the period of public consultation, I have met with householders whose homes may potentially be the subject of a Compulsory Purchase Order. I genuinely feel for them as they bought a home some years ago with a view to it being their forever home. Somewhere to grow old with their husband or wife or partner or other family members. With the Emerging Preferred Route, this intent or hope has been thrown into doubt. I firmly believe that every step possible must be taken to provide clarity and certainty to those affected by the possibility of a Compulsory Purchase Order on their homes with regards if this will happen, when it may take place, how and what process will be used to advance the Compulsory Purchase Order and that a fair and equitable deal will be reached and that this a firm objective should the situation arise.

In terms of possible stops within the North Inner City area that I am proud to represent and across the wider Dublin Central constituency which I am a representative, I believe the districts in which stops are provided in the Emerging Preferred Route are appropriate. I do not believe that it would be a correct decision for the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to make if a particular district was not served by a Metro stop. While I am enamoured by the further impact on O’Connell Street with more construction work potentially, I recognise that some disruption and works are necessary in order to develop and create the type of major and essential transport infrastructure the communities of Dublin need now and into the future.

If there is one lesson, I think the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland could take from the recent engagement of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport would be to treat all stakeholders equally. Some established community groups and residents associations in the Ballymun, Cabra / Finglas and North Inner City Electoral Areas were not afforded the opportunity to make presentations or offer observations on the impact of this proposal. I believe that all groups, be they residential, sporting, cultural or commercial, that they be afforded the same opportunity with further consultation and engagement in advance of a formal Railway Order Planning Application being lodged with An Bord Pleanala.

There are countless more issues that I could discuss or offer observations on but I appreciate that I will have an opportunity to do that as we advance along this process to the lodging of a formal Railway Order Planning Application some time in 2019. However, in conclusion, I do want to reiterate some points:

• An alternative location for the launch of the Tunnel Boring Machines at the Griffith Park stop be found.

◦ That a resolution of this matter be communicated publicly as quickly as possible following the conclusion of this period of public consultation.

• A decision be taken as quickly as is feasible with regards to whether one or two tunnels are necessary and that this be communicated publicly at an early time.

• That the alignment of the Emerging Preferred Route be maintained as far as is possible, notwithstanding the observations outlined above relating to the Griffith Park stop and the proposed launch site for the Tunnel Boring Machines.

• That as few homes as possible will see tunnelling occurring underneath them.

Finally, given the level of interest and concern from the communities located along the Emerging Preferred Route, and the time and expertise requirements that will be placed upon local Resident Associations, I believe it appropriate for the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to appoint an Independent Expert of suitable standing to advise and support residents and communities living along the Emerging Preferred Route. Within that context, the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland should consider the preparation of a  Draft Residents Charter that would be submitted as part of a formal Railway Order Planning Application for the consideration of An Bord Pleanala to provide protection for individual householders and communities living in the vicinity and along the proposed Emerging Preferred Route of MetroLink.

I wish those involved in the consideration of the submissions received on the Emerging Preferred Route well and look forward to the early resolution of some issues that have been during this consultation process and to full report in due course.

Kind Regards,



Ray McAdam

Fine Gael Councillor – North Inner City

Fine Gael Leader, Dublin City Council

Chairman, Central Area Committee

Chairman, Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee

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Grangegorman Planning Matters – May 2018

Two planning applications that have been lodged by the Grangegorman Development Agency to Dublin City Council.

The first relates to the provision of a new school facility for Dublin 7 Educate Together National School on the campus. The second application relates to plans to redesign and provide a new layout for the Orchard Terrace and Rathdown Road / Grangegorman Lower junction. I have outlined below details of both applications, when they were lodged, the deadline for submissions and how additional information can be secured.


The planning application was lodged with Dublin City Council by the Grangegorman Development Agency on April 25th last. This application complies with the revised Grangegorman SDZ Planning Scheme, originally adopted by the City Council in 2009. The reference number for this application is GSDZ2835/18.

The main features of this planning application include:

Two separate building blocks will be developed, one of which will be a teaching block and the second being a general purpose block.

The Teaching Block will include:

▪ 4x Storeys over lower ground level.

▪ 24x Classrooms.

▪ 2x Special Needs Units.

▪ 3x Special Education Rooms.

▪ Library.

▪ Resource rooms, storage, staff offices and shower facilities.

The General Purpose Block will include:

▪ 2x storeys.

▪ 2x general purpose rooms.

▪ External rooftop ball court enclosed by perforated metal screen.

▪ Multiple external play areas.

▪ Bin storage area and boiler house.

▪ Modifications to existing Grangegorman boundary wall is a protected structure.

▪ 1x main pedestrian access.

▪ 1x pedestrian day gate.

▪ 145x Cycle Parking & 115x scooter parking stands.

▪ Playground north of school site.

The deadline for submissions to be made to the Planning Department of Dublin City Council is May 29th 2018. If you have any particular questions or queries arising from the information outlined about the proposed new school buildings for Dublin 7 Educate Together National School, please contact me at raymcadam@gmail.com.


Unusually, an application has been submitted by the Grangegorman Development Agency to the Planning Department of Dublin City Council for the refurbishment and realignment of the public space at the junction of Rathdown Road and Orchard Terrace. This planning application will involve changes to the public road way, footpaths and car parking spaces. The application was lodged with the Planning Department of the City Council on April 25th last. The reference number for this application is GSDZ2834/18.

The main features of this application including:

• Removal of existing one-way left turn slip lane to Orchard Terrace.

• Construction of new raised pedestrian shared surface on Grangegorman Lower with 2x uncontrolled pedestrian crossings.

• 1x pedestrian crossing on Rathdown Road with new road surface and markings.

• Existing parking will be removed within the junction

• Creation of new public plaza with set down area for mobility impaired vehicles

• Bicycle parking spaces.

The deadline for submissions to be made to the Planning Department of Dublin City Council is May 29th 2018. Should you wish to secure additional information about this planning application, please contact me at raymcadam@gmail.com so that I can ensure this documentation or clarification is shared with you well before the end of the statutory consultation phase.

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Have your say on the new Community Policing Plan for the North Inner City.

Following the allocation and assignment of 40 new Garda personnel to the area, the Chief Superintendent is preparing an updated community policing plan to take account of these additional resources. Further to this, another 35 Gardai will be assigned to the North Inner City and will be located here before the end of this year.

The updated policing plan will build on the successful approach utilized through the current SAP (Small Area Policing) model. It will also take in account the actions and recommendation identified in The Mulvey Report.

As Chair of the Dublin Central Policing Division, I want to ensure that you have your say about what this updated policing plan should include for your street, estate and community. With that in mind, you can email your views or submissions to store_street_dv@garda.ie. These submissions should be lodged by Friday 25th May next.

I hope you will take the opportunity to have your say on how community policing across the North Inner City will be advanced throughout the coming years.

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Save time and renew your passport online – McAdam

Fine Gael Leader on Dublin City Council, Ray McAdam is encouraging all families across the North Inner City to check their passport before booking their flights this summer and to apply early, at least six weeks in advance of travel.


“The May Bank Holiday Weekend leads to the biggest spike in passport applications over the course of the year, as families across the country book their holidays. So I’m encouraging people to prepare, to check before you book and to renew online.


“If you are over 18, you can apply to renew your passport online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at http://www.dfa.ie/passportonline. No need for a paper application form, witnesses or printed photos.


It’s just over a year since the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade launched the new Online Passport Application Service. 180,000 online renewal applications have been processed and the service’s popularity continues to increase with over 80,000 online applications received since the beginning of this year alone.

Councillor McAdam added:

“I’m glad to see that 23,083 people in Dublin have already availed of the new online renewal service. It’s convenient and secure, with turnaround times of 10 working days or less. The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney is encouraging as many people as possible to avail of this new service and to spread the word: save time – renew online.


“If you are not eligible to use the online facility and travelling in more than three weeks’ time, you can submit your application by Passport Express through your local post office. You can also make an appointment to submit your application at the public counters on Mount Street.


“If travelling within the next three days, a rapid renewal service by appointment at the Passport Office in Dublin can provide a same-day turnaround. There are a limited number of appointments per day and proof of travel will be required.

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Are you interested in a Catering & Barista Training Course?

As part of the North East Inner City initiative, a new Catering and Barista Training Course is being supported and launched.

The course is will last five days in total, starting on Monday 14th May next and will provide applicants will an opportunity to secure training in:

  • Manual Handling
  • Basic workplace fire and safety awareness
  • Customer Care
  • Presentation & Interview skills
  • Communications
  • Essential food hygiene
  • Barista training
  • CV & Job seeking support.

Further details and an application form are available from the Larkin Centre, 57/58 North Strand Road, Dublin 3. An information has been organized for Wednesday, April 25th next at 9.30am in the Larkin Centre.

Alternatively, you can contact Henrietta Kerrigan in the Local Employment Services at 01 912 1200.

Best of luck!

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Junior Apprenticeships on offer in Dublin City Council


Dublin City Council invites applications for Junior Apprenticeships in the following four crafts:

  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Electrical
  • Brick and Stonelaying


Further information on each craft is available on the national Apprenticeship website: http://www.apprenticeship.ie


Candidates must apply through the link provided below. An e-mail address is essential in order to complete the online application form.


Dublin City Council will shortlist candidates by means of Apprenticeship Suitability Assessment. Shortly after successfully completing the application form, candidates will be emailed a link to the assessment website. Candidates will have five days to complete this assessment.


Candidates are advised to read the Candidate Information Booklet below fully before making their application:

  • Junior Apprenticeship Information booklet
  • Additional Candidate Information Booklet
  • Notes on Completing the Online Application Form
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