Palatine Square Matters – April 2019


LIFFEY CYCLE ROUTE – Revised proposal published
The National Transport Authority and Dublin City Council jointly published a revised proposal to develop the Liffey Cycle Route at a Special meeting of the Council’s Transportation Strategic Policy Committee last week. What has been published is, in my view, unquantifiably better than the eight previous iterations of the scheme brought forward since 2012. There are a number of substantial changes in this proposal compared to those previously presented and they include:
• No redirection of vehicular traffic through Montpelier Hill, Arbour Hill, Stoneybatter and North King Street.
• The provision of new board-walks along the quays to enable segregated cycle lanes either side of the quays.
The scheme is broken up into four sections:
1. Phoenix Park – Fr. Mathews Bridge
2. Fr. Mathews Bridge to O’Connell Street
3. O’Connell Street to Matt Talbot Memorial Bridge
4. Dublin Docklands.
An initial consultation programme will take start later this month and will continue for a number of weeks. When I have the precise details of that consultation scheme, I will circulate the details locally and make them available on my website at As your LOCAL Councillor, I will now support this scheme and as Leader of the Fine Gael Group on Dublin City Council, will work to secure the support of my colleagues and if re-elected on May 24th, seek to implement this revised proposal. If you would like more information on the revised proposal for the Liffey Cycle Route, please email me at and I will share that information with you.

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Ballybough Matters – April 2019

Residents and householders across Ballybough have questioning me about the future of the former Annesley Motors site on Ballybough Road and what actions are being taken by Dublin City Council to address the derelict state of the buildings. Therefore, at the April meeting of Dublin City Council last week, I asked the Chief Executive, Owen Keegan to indicate whether the Vacant or Derelict Sites Section of the Council has examined whether the site is to be added to the Register of Vacant Sites or Derelict Sites. The Chief Executive responded to my representations advising that a file has been prepared for the inclusion of the former Annesley Motors site to the Vacant Sites Register. I believe that this will be actioned in line with the criteria outlined in the Urban Regeneration and Housing Act, 2015. A second inspection is due to take place shortly to ascertain if this site has been vacant for 12 months. In the event of this second inspection find the site to be vacant, as outlined in the Act, a Notice of Proposed Entry to the Vacant Sites Register will be served on the owners of the site. I will share a further update with you when that information is available. I hope this information is of assistance to you. However, if you have any questions or queries arising from the details provided, please email me at and I will endeavour to answer any enquiries you may have.

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EAST WALL Traffic Matters – April 2019

As you know over the past five years, I have repeatedly highlighted to Dublin City Council officials and other Councillors of the need for an effective traffic management plan for East Wall. Indeed, the Public Meeting I organised in February focused, almost exclusively, on the issue of parking and traffic management. This morning’s meeting came about as a result of a motion I put forward in February along with colleagues which was unanimously agreed that:

following on from the recent JPC Policing Matters Public Meeting in East Wall, agrees to formally request Helen Smironva and the Traffic Engineers involved with the Neighbourhood Traffic Scheme project meet with representative group of residents from East Wall to discuss the ongoing traffic management issues in East Wall. Traffic and Parking issues dominated this policing meeting which highlighted the severity of the situation and of the need for Dublin City Council to act in preparing for a Traffic Management Plan for East Wall.”
(North Inner City Area Committee meeting, February 2019).

I can report that as a result of this morning’s meeting, the City Council will prioritise the longer term management of traffic and parking in East Wall. This will be undertaken through the form a Neighbourhood Traffic Scheme that the new Council and Councillors elected on May 24th next will have a deciding voice over.


This morning’s meeting also agreed on a number of shorter-term, more immediate measures to counteract rat-running on local roads, tackling illegal parking on street corners and bends as well as providing greater accessibility for East Wallers across the district.


I hope this information is of assistance to you. However, if you have any questions or queries arising from the details provided above, please come back to me.


Measures agreed at this morning’s meeting in Civic Offices on Sean McDermott Street to improve the management of traffic across East Wall and to counteract the issues of rat-running and illegal parking:

  1. The City Council will install Double Yellow Lines at the stretch of Shelmalier Road linking up with Church Road, parallel to the LIDL Car-park.
  2. No Parking signs and new build-outs to be installed outside Facebook offices on East Road, meaning that this section will be a clear-way all day.
  3. New Double Yellow Lines to be installed on East Road on the Hireco Park side of the street down from the Caledon Road junction.
  4. The City Council is securing the ownership details of the vacant site at the top of Shelmalier Road where cars park with a view to developing a ‘Pop-Up’ Park similar to that on North King Street at the corner with Church Street in Dublin 7.
  5. Dublin City Council will purchase planters to be located at corners where illegal parking is taking place.
  6. The Council’s Parking Enforcement Section along with the Divisional Garda Traffic Corp will put in place a joint enforcement initiative over a two week period, starting next week along East Road between Church Road and Church Street East.
  7. The Parking Enforcement Section will undertake an initiative targeting vehicles illegally parked at or on street corners throughout the next fortnight.
  8. The Transportation Department will examine the feasibility of installing a new build-out along Seaview Avenue near the junction with Crescent Gardens to counteract rat-running.
  9. Parking Enforcement will also target vehicles parked too close to the mini-roundabouts on West Road as safety concerns have been raised.

These works, initiatives and measures will be implemented throughout the next month.


Everyone agrees that a targeted East Wall Traffic Plan is needed but there is uncertainty over how best to deliver such an initiative. My view is two-fold:

  • First, we measure the success or failure of the shorter-term measures agreed this morning.
  • Secondly, as part of the Neighbourhood Traffic Scheme initiative, we bring together East Wallers to agree on the parameters of dedicated Traffic Plan for the area.

We need to ensure that proposals put forward on one street or a number of streets don’t then cause further problems for other streets.

If re-elected on May 24th next, I will work with East Wallers and Council officials to agree the bones of and then flesh out that Traffic Plan for East Wall. A Traffic Plan that can commandeer the support of all East Wallers.

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To whom it may concern;

I write to offer my observations, express my concerns and put forward some suggestions with regards to the Emerging Preferred Route for Core Bus Corridor 5, linking Blanchardstown with the City Centre through Stoneybatter.

At the outset, let me state my support for the overall Bus Connects project involving improved bus networks across the city, especially relating to the new and improve routes on an east west basis. Furthermore, I acknowledge that the investment in cycling infrastructure through Bus Connects represents the single largest investment in cycling infrastructure in the history of the State.

I also wish acknowledge the commitment made to me by the National Transport Authority with regards the retention of the Stoneybatter green Civic Space at the junction of Manor Street, Prussia Street and Aughrim Street. This commitment is welcome but I would ask that the National Transport Authority provide detailed drawings at the earliest opportunity which shows how this civic space is to be retained as part of a revised Emerging Preferred Route for Core Bus Corridor 5.

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On recommendation of the Budget Sub-Group a further round of projects was approved by the Programme Implementation Board at its meeting held on 27th March 2019. This brings the total 2019 funding allocation to date to €4,928,614 (of €6.5M). The full list of approved projects / programmes is set out on Appendix A.

The latest round of funded proposals, totaling €125,664, are as follows:

  • BITCI (Business in the Community Ireland) Summer Work Placement Programme €9,363 – Management and co-ordination of 20 paid summer work placement positions for NEIC Leaving Cert students.
  • Fighting Words CLG – €5,000 (Co funding) to provide provides free tutoring, mentoring and publishing in creative writing for children, young adults and adults with additional needs. The target is to work with an extra 1,000 children from the north east inner city and to recruit more locally based volunteer tutors.
  • St. Louise’s Day Nursery, North William Street – €6,636 Investment in Baby Room to enable participation in the DCYA NEIC Pilot Childcare initiative for Children Under 24 Month
  • Jigsaw (National Centre for Youth Mental Health) – €50,000 Fit out costs for new premises at Summerhill.
  • The Oasis Centre, St. Laurence Place East – €54,665 Interim funding for appointment of General Manager pending funding of this post by HSE in 2020.

In addition to above it has been requested by Sub-Group 3 (Creating an integrated system of social services) that an allocation of €705,000 be set aside for further projects emanating from Sub Group 3 on the understanding that more detailed proposals will be put forward for consideration by the Budget Sub Group and by the PIB.

Additional Garda resources for Liberty Park / Railway St. and environs

As reported to the March meeting, policing of Liberty Park and environs has been identified by Sub Group 1 (Tackling Crime and Drugs) as a strategic priority for 2019 and a funding proposal in this regard has been approved by the Programme Implementation Board in the sum of €370,000.

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North Inner City Graffiti Removal Report – April 2019

Between March 1st and 31st 2019, graffiti was removed by the Probation Services and the Waste Management services of Dublin City Council on the following streets:

  • North Strand Road
  • Poplar Row
  • Ossory Road
  • Marlborough Street
  • Frederick Lane
  • Dorset Lane
  • Hardwicke Lane
  • Arbour Hill
  • Aughrim Street
  • Wood Lane
  • Dominick Street Upper
  • St. James Avenue
  • Lucky Lane
  • Benburb Street
  • Six locations along Kelly’s Row
  • George’s Pocket
  • Three locations along Nerney’s Court
  • Princes Street North

If there are incidents or items of graffiti on your street or avenue, please contact me at so that I can arrange for it’s removal.

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Earlier this week, I met with Traffic Engineers and officials on Oxmantown Road to discuss how it is the City Council envisage:

➢ The possible design of the traffic scheme.

➢ The design of the tree pits.

➢ Where initial slit trenching works will take place.

➢ Potential Sheffield Hangers or Stands.

➢ Locations for Electric Car Charging Points.


Following the North Inner City Area Committee last month, where I outlined the views and feedback shared with me by Oxmantown Road residents, Dublin City Council has now procured consultants to finalise the design for the traffic calming scheme on Oxmantown Road. The consultants will finalise the design in the coming months. I expect that the design will involve tree pits similar to this image below:


The consultants will now take into consideration the feedback you provided during the consultation process I organised across February and early March. The final design will be affected by many factors including effectiveness in reducing speed, safety for cyclists, impact on parking etc.


Early next week, the City Council will undertake slit trenching at the upper end of Oxmantown Road in order to confirm the location of underground services and the viability of the scheme. I expect to receive a report arising from these slit trench works which I will share with you afterwards.


I hope this information is of assistance to you. However, if you have any questions or queries arising from the details provided, please come back to me and I will endeavour to answer any enquiries that you may have.


As your LOCAL Councillor, I work to keep you updated of issues and matters taking place in the area. If you would like to keep updated of my work on your behalf, further details are available on my website,


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