Earlier this week, I met with Traffic Engineers and officials on Oxmantown Road to discuss how it is the City Council envisage:

➢ The possible design of the traffic scheme.

➢ The design of the tree pits.

➢ Where initial slit trenching works will take place.

➢ Potential Sheffield Hangers or Stands.

➢ Locations for Electric Car Charging Points.


Following the North Inner City Area Committee last month, where I outlined the views and feedback shared with me by Oxmantown Road residents, Dublin City Council has now procured consultants to finalise the design for the traffic calming scheme on Oxmantown Road. The consultants will finalise the design in the coming months. I expect that the design will involve tree pits similar to this image below:


The consultants will now take into consideration the feedback you provided during the consultation process I organised across February and early March. The final design will be affected by many factors including effectiveness in reducing speed, safety for cyclists, impact on parking etc.


Early next week, the City Council will undertake slit trenching at the upper end of Oxmantown Road in order to confirm the location of underground services and the viability of the scheme. I expect to receive a report arising from these slit trench works which I will share with you afterwards.


I hope this information is of assistance to you. However, if you have any questions or queries arising from the details provided, please come back to me and I will endeavour to answer any enquiries that you may have.


As your LOCAL Councillor, I work to keep you updated of issues and matters taking place in the area. If you would like to keep updated of my work on your behalf, further details are available on my website, http://www.RayMcAdam.com.


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North Inner City Community Policing Plan 2019

The Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee at its meeting on March 25th last formally adopted the North Inner City Community Policing Plan 2019.

The Plan set out the core community policing commitments and objectives for the year ahead and is based on the community issued that have arisen in 2018. It is also linked with the actions identified in the Mulvey Report.

As Chair of the Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee, I have worked with senior Garda management locally as well as the Community Policing teams in the Bridewell, Store Street and the Mountjoy / Fitzgibbon Street districts to ensure that as resources grow, we utilize the fullest extent to keep communities of the North Inner City safe and secure. A key element of this plan is the retention of the ‘small areas policing’ initiative to provide the highest level possible community policing service to residents, householders and businesses across the North Inner City.

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No change in Local Property Tax on the horizon – McAdam

There is no change on the horizon for the Local Property Tax (LPT), local Fine Gael Councillor, Ray McAdam, has said.


“As a result of a decision made by the Government this week, there will be no change in the amount of property tax until 2021, news that will no doubt be welcomed by homeowners in the North Inner City and across Dublin.


“Fine Gael in Government believes we need to keep the property tax in place to fund vital local services, but we also want to provide homeowners with stability in terms of the amount of tax they have to pay.


“If the Government had not taken action this week, many homeowners across the North Inner City would be facing significant hikes in the LPT later this year due to rising house prices. We don’t think that would be fair, so the date for valuations is being deferred and more work will be done in the meantime to build a political consensus on how the tax can be maintained and reformed and to ensure that increases where they arise are fair and affordable.


“It is important to reassure people that nobody will face steep increases in the LPT, and any reports of that nature are simply not accurate. My constituency colleague, the Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe T.D. has confirmed that any increases, where they do occur, should be modest, fair and affordable. 


“The report on the LPT – which puts forward a number of options – will be considered by the Budget Oversight Committee in the Oireachtas, and Minister Donohoe has said he wants to build a consensus on a reformed property tax model.  The Minister has also signalled that he expects a reformed LPT would be based on widening the bands for property tax and adjusting the rates.


“In the meantime we are providing certainty for North Inner City homeowners up to 2021, avoiding a sudden surge in the amount of tax due, to ensure that increases where they arise are affordable and fair.”

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Croke Park Local Community Recruitment Drive 2019

Aramark Ireland provides all the hospitality services in Croke Park and over 30% of their team are already from the local community!

The Croke Park annual open community recruitment drive for local residents in Croke Park will take place on:

  • Thursday, April 4th, 5pm – 8pm.
  • Friday, April 5th, 5pm – 8pm.
  • Saturday, April 6th, 12pm – 5pm.

The following positions will be recruited for this year:  

  • Cashiers 
  • Chefs 
  • Wait Staff
  • Bar Staff 
  • Kitchen Porters

Interviews will be taking place in the Cusack Stand side of the stadium – enter via the St. Joseph’s Avenue entrance (turn at the Daybreak Store on Clonliffe Road).  Please remember to bring a copy of your CV with you.

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Stoneybatter Matters – March 2019

As your LOCAL Stoneybatter City Councillor and a Chair of the O’Devaney Gardens Community Consultative Forum, I want to make sure you are fully up to date of how the O’Devaney Gardens redevelopment project is being advanced. So, my update comes in two parts. Firstly, how things are progressing with the ongoing building work on site and plans associated with that. Secondly, how the remaining, approximately 640 new homes, will be delivered and the means upon which that is advanced.
Construction of the first 56 public homes is progressing well; however, there has been a slight delay, per the schedule agreed between Dublin City Council and the contractor. Despite this, completion of the first aspect of building works on site is expected to be delivered in early 2020.

The existing road through O’Devaney Gardens will have to be reconfigured. Dublin City Council has advised that it expects the reconfigured road layout will be in place by the end of April 2019.

In January 2017, City Councillors agreed to the redevelopment of the O’Devaney Gardens lands along 50:30:20 housing division. 50% would be owner-occupier, 30% public housing with the remaining 20% a mix of affordable purchase and affordable rental. Delivering these new homes would be undertaken through the implementation of a Development Agreement between a Contractor and Dublin City Council. So, what is the timeline for the reaching of such a Development Agreement?

A newly designed procurement process to select a preferred Contractor is nearing completion as it is anticipated that the Development Agreement with that preferred contractor will be in place by early June. The contents of that Development Agreement will then be presented to the new City Council elected in May’s Local Elections to be assessed for compliance with the January 2017 decision.

Upon the reaching of a Development Agreement, the preferred contractor will then have NO MORE THAN 6 months to apply for planning permission. After permission has been granted, the preferred contractor will have to begin works on site within ONE MONTH of that permission being approved. Given the number of new homes to be built, it is expected that it will take a number of years to complete the full redevelopment of O’Devaney Gardens.

If you have any questions or queries arising from the details provided, please get in touch with me at RayMcAdam@gmail.com and I will endeavour to answer those enquiries as best I can.

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Further to the update I shared after Christmas, householders sought further information on the refurbishment works taking place as part of the new Fitzgibbon Street Garda Station. The enabling works currently underway will be completed shortly. The major construction project will include:
• A full internal refurbishment and repair of the existing four storey over-basement building at 24 – 28 Fitzgibbon Street and at 30 Fitzgibbon Street.
• New internal walls, doors, new wall, floor and ceiling finishes as well as new sanitary facilities and fixed furniture items.
• As the building is listed on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage of Regional importance, a conservation approach will be a requisite of any building work.
• A new lift will be provided.
• The existing drainage system will be upgraded along with associated ancillary works.
• Landscaping works to the rear courtyard with car-parking facilities, including motorbikes, an oil tank and bin storage facilities.
• A new ramped access to the rear of the existing building is also to be provided.
Tenders for the main construction contract were published last week by the Office of Public Works. These works will ensure that the new station will be a victim oriented, community based entity which will include a community hub facility open to community groups. I hope this further information is of assistance to you. However, if you have any additional questions or queries arising from the details provided, please email me at RayMcAdam@gmail.com.

The Greening Strategy for the North-East Inner City has been formally adopted by the North Inner City Area Committee following the public consultation that concluded before Christmas. In addition to longer-term projects currently like the redevelopment of Mountjoy Square and Diamond Park, a programme of smaller scale greening projects will be undertaken this year. These five projects include:
• Greening of Belvedere Plaza – the junction of Belvedere Place with the North Circular Road.
• Guild Street Plaza – the junction of Sheriff Street and Spencer Dock.
• James Joyce Street tree planting.
• The installation of a Green-wall at Seville Place.
• Tree planting on a residential street which will be determined shortly.
€350,000 has been provided by the North East Inner City Project Implementation Board to fund these initial projects under the Greening Strategy. As and when work is scheduled to begin on these projects, I will be in touch to share this information with you.

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Bus Connects & Stoneybatter

Throughout the last number of weeks, I have engaged directly with officials in the National Transport Authority in an effort to ensure that the civic green space at the junction of Aughrim Street, Prussia Street and Manor Street is retained, irrespective of the proposed Core Bus Corridor that will affect Stoneybatter.

The National Transport Authority responded to me formally this evening stating that:

“While the current proposals regarding the Blanchardstown to City Centre Core Bus Corridor including through the Stoneybatter Area are concept plans only, we are aware of the issues and suggestions being raised through the very useful public consultation submissions received to-date. We are actively engaging through the various public consultation mechanisms, particularly in regard to urban realm impacts in the vicinity of the Prussia St & Manor St / Aughrim St intersection.


We are already looking at possible modifications to the layout of the proposals in this area and more widely in regard to parking, business access, etc. and we expect that the current open space layouts at the intersection area can be substantially retained.

This is a most welcome commitment by the National Transport Authority. We saw last Saturday, just how important and loved this civic green space is to Stoneybatter residents by the huge turnout at the Community Day of Action organized by local businesses and supported by myself, Pride of Place and other local representatives.

As your LOCAL Councillor, I have spent much of my time arguing for more and better public green spaces in Stoneybatter and across the North Inner City. That is why I have engaged directly with the National Transport Authority to secure this commitment about the retention of our civic space and will continue to do so throughout the coming months.

Notwithstanding this commitment, I urge all Stoneybatter residents and householders concerned about the wider impact of Bus Connects on our community to lodge a submission with the National Transport Authority ahead of Friday’s deadline.

Remember, you can submit your observations by:

  • Online at http://www.BusConnects.ie
  • Emailing cbc@busconnects.ie
  • Writing to National Transport Authority, Dun Sceine, Harcourt Lane, Dublin 2, D02WT20.
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