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I write to share with you an update on the City Council’s intention to rebuild the wall in Sean O’Casey Avenue, on foot of requests by residents made of me previously.

Since the Housing Department of Dublin City Council demolished the wall that had been in place for a number of years, I have received countless emails, phone calls and texts from Sean O’Casey Avenue householders urging the quick rebuild of the wall. In response, I have been liaising with officials and local residents on the matter. Furthermore, as Chairman of the Dublin Central Area Committee of Dublin City Council I sought further clarity at our monthly meeting of the Committee earlier this week.

I can also advise you that the Central Area Office, at my request is also working on a proposal that would see Sean O’Casey Avenue being included in the planned 2022 North-East Inner City Greening Strategy. This strategy has seen works take place in Summerhill and along Sean McDermott Street, for example. Further details are outlined below.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries about the information detailed below by emailing me at

Best Wishes,


Ray McAdam

City Councillor – North Inner City

Fine Gael Leader – Dublin City Council


At the October meeting of the Dublin Central Area Committee of Dublin City Council earlier this week, I sought clarity from officials as to the progress being made in rebuilding the wall that had been in situ.

The Housing Manager confirmed that:

The Central Area Office is currently working through some outstanding matters in preparation for installation of the new wall.  Once all issues are resolved the wall will be erected as planned.  The wall height will be approx. 2.5m from ground level. It is proposed to install a 1.0m high metal palisade fence on top of the 2.5m high wall. The combined height of the wall and metal fence will be approx. 3.5m high.  The Central Area Office will notify local residents and Councillors in advance of the commencement of works.

I can also confirm that the Gardai have also formally requested of Dublin City Council that works are advanced in a very timely manner to rebuild the wall. As and when I have a specific update on the timeframe for the beginning of the building works, I will ensure that information is shared with you.


On foot of discussions I have had with Sean O’Casey Avenue householders, and ideas that have been put to me, I asked the North Inner City Area Manager of Dublin City Council to give consideration to the preparation of a greening project in Sean O’Casey Avenue for consideration as part of the 2022 NEIC Greening Strategy.

I can confirm that a greening project will be considered, under the North-East Inner City Greening Strategy, as one element of other public realm improvement works for Sean O Casey Avenue in 2022.  As I have done previously, I will work to secure funding for such works and will keep you updated of progress on the matter.

In other news……

The refurbishment of Fitzgibbon Street has been largely completed with a number of minor internal and IT infrastructure works left to be completed. Notwithstanding this, the Public Office in Fitzgibbon Street Station has re-opened. It will be open on a daily basis, 8am – 9pm. Both myself and Minister Paschal Donohoe will have further updates on the full re-opening of the station across the coming days. 

Initial site test works will begin shortly in Matt Talbot Court as part of the redevelopment process. I’ll keep you updated of progress in respect of plans to deliver new and better housing locally.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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