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I write to share an update with you about an issue that I have received countless emails, phone calls and texts about, namely anti-social behaviour on the laneway behind homes in Ormond Square.

After receiving such contact from Ormond Square householders and in an effort to tackle the situation, I contacted the Gardai, the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive and the Central Area Office of Dublin City Council seeking a co-ordinated approach to be undertaken to bring about an improvement on the matter. Too many of you highlighted your concerns, frustration and anxiousness about the amount of drug use occurring, sale of drugs taking place, dirtiness of the laneway, volume of graffiti appearing on walls and the general lack of safety in the area as a result of questionable looking individuals hanging around the area.

Therefore, as a result of these issues and my highlighting your concerns, Dublin City Council officials organised a meeting for residents with the Gardai last week. I hope for those of you able to attend that you found it useful. It is my understanding that a further meeting will take place next week where Dublin City Council officials will provide an update on the issues that were raised at last week.

I have detailed overleaf some of the further updates provided to me by the Homeless Executive, the Housing Department and the Central Area Office which I hope is of interest to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries about the information detailed below by emailing me at

Question to Area Manager:                      Central Area Committee Meeting, 12th October 2021

Q86:      Councillor Ray McAdam

To ask the Area Manager to respond to the issues highlighted relating to (Details supplied); the options open to the Council to address and if she will make a statement on the matter?


There is a lane way beside homes, just off Ormond Quay and it is being heavily used by drug addicts to inject, buy and sell drugs. In addition to this there is a number of tents being used to live in, which is fine except for the anti-social behaviour that comes with it. For example, a young man and girl stayed in a tent in the laneway last week for a number of nights, but they were asked to move on by some of the residents because of the loud arguing and screaming all through the night.

The drug sales happen in broad daylight with no attempt to hide what is happening.  There are used needles left lying around on the ground alongside empty blister packets from pills. 

There has been an increase in graffiti in the area.  The Ormond Building have had to have their building cleaned numerous times.  There is also a large increase in bodily fluids along the street.  MQI do sent their workers over during the week to clean up needles but not at the weekends.  So, every weekend residents are left with needles sitting in plant pots outside the house.  Also, plants are being used to store, money and drugs.


Director, Dublin Regional Homeless Executive:

The area in question (laneway behind homes along Ormond Square) is targeted on a daily basis by our Outreach teams, who engage with anyone sleeping rough in the area with the aim of moving them into suitable accommodation. In the event of this happening, any waste left behind is organised to be removed.

Housing Manager, North-West Inner City, Dublin City Council:

The Area Housing Manager has been in touch with the Gardaí in the Bridewell Station. They have agreed to meet the residents of Ormond Square to discuss this matter. Also, they will be patrolling the area with increased levels of Gardaí.

Enforcement Officer, Public Domain Office, Central Area, Dublin City Council:

The Public Domain Crew have been instructed to power wash the lane on a regular basis and a review of the graffiti will be carried out with a view to having this removed.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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