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East Wall Policing Update

Across the past week to ten days, residents across East Wall have been in touch with me to express their concern and anxiety about anti-social behaviour occurring across the district.

As a direct result, I have been liaising, as Chairman of the Dublin Central Policing District with the Chief Superintendent for the North Inner City and Sergeant Chris O’ Shaughnessy, in respect of community policing across East Wall. Through that engagement, I can confirm that a full operation has been put in place to tackle this problem effectively. Over the past number of weeks various mobile patrols, pedal cycle beats and general beats have been directed to patrol in the East Wall area, with a view to prosecuting any individuals engaging in this behaviour.

In addition, I can confirm to East Wall residents that that an unmarked patrol car with two members working in plain clothes to patrol the main hotspot areas in East Wall have been put in place. This patrol will start in the late evening and will continue on into the night. These members will be specifically targeting groups engaging in anti-social behaviour / public order offences, criminal damage and thefts of pedal cycles / property. These members have been directed to issue anti social behaviour orders to any youths causing annoyance in this area.

As the Chairman of the Dublin Central Policing District, I want to assure East Wallers that I will work with local Gardai to ensure that these actions are effective and that where further initiatives are necessary that they are put in place. I will keep you fully updated of developments in respect of this issue. 


East Wall


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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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