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Phibsborough Shopping Centre and 345-349 North Circular Road, Dublin 7.


  •  Part demolition of existing structures on the site.
  • Construction of an extension to the existing Shopping Centre onto Phibsborough Road and the North Circular Road.
  • Proposed height range of the redevelopment between 3 and 7 storeys.
  • Provision of retail/restaurant and office units, student accommodation & new civic plaza.
  • Upgrade of existing Shopping Centre and commercial office tower façade.
  • Total new floor space of 15,775m², including basement.
  • Demolition of;

o Tramyard end / East Terrace of Dalymount Park.
o Warehouses in Kelly’s Yard of North Circular Road.
o Part of Unit 1 of Shopping Centre site.

  • Construction of extension containing 341x bed space student accommodation;

o Height ranging between 4 and 6 storeys.
o Provided in two separate development blocks.
o Provision of 172x Bicycle parking spaces.

  • Construction of new 3 – 4 storey ‘setback’ block extending from new Civic Space to the North Circular Road.
  • Alterations to existing Shopping Centre includes:

o New façade of expanded metal mash to cover frontage on Phibsborough Road and Connaught Street.
o New façade to extend over roof of existing Tower Building.
o Upgraded shop fronts / signage to all existing units.



The Planning reference number is 2628/17.

This planning application was lodged on April 4th 2017. Should you wish to see the full application it is available online at The summary above is only a brief outline of some of the particulars of the application and not an exhaustive list.

Should you wish to submit an objection, please submit your objection in writing to the Planning Department, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 2 inclusive of the €20 fee before May 8th 2017.

I am also arranging for a briefing for local residents with officials in the Planning Department of the City Council to outline the particulars of this planning application. If you would be interested in attending such a briefing, please let me know.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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