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Overwhelming support for specific #CarFree #CapelStreet plans.

The Dublin Central Area Committee of Dublin City Council, which I chair, is meeting on Wednesday next to consider a report on the recent public consultation held to gauge the public views on whether to implement plans to remove through traffic along Capel Street.

You can go through the report circulated to Councillors here –

The key points to take away from the consultation are these:

⁃ 1766 submissions were made in total.

⁃ 201 submissions were made by local householders.

⁃ 42 were made by Capel Street residents, of which 79% backed plans for #nothroughtraffic along Capel Street.

⁃ 159 submissions were received by those living in the Markets area, of which 86% support the proposals.

⁃ Dublin Chamber support the plan, with submissions made on behalf of 53 business groups.

⁃ Dublin Town put forward a constructive proposal to secure a compromise, similar to the initiative in place along Capel Street last summer.

⁃ 97% of the 1311 submissions made by the general public are in favour of removing through traffic along Capel Street.

Local observations:

Interestingly and tellingly, comments were made by some local residents who lodged an observation on the draft scheme. They include:

“I live on Capel St so it will impact my day-to-day life – I’m overwhelmingly in favour of pedestrianising Capel Street”

“It will make it a lot easier for me to shop and run errands on Capel street as a pedestrian. I do not have access to a car and I walk everywhere in Dublin.”

“Add to a greater sense of community. A living city.”

“It will massively improve my quality of life by increasing the number of people visiting the area, reducing noise and air pollution, and making me feel safer”

“It will improve my local area and provide much needed traffic free space in the city centre”

Issues of Concern:

The consultation did identify some issues of particular concern to residents and businesses. These include issues about the management of noise, anti-social behaviour, the potential for traffic congestion in and around the Capel Street area. Other issues identified, include:

⁃ The potential detrimental impact on businesses.

⁃ How the initiative will impact the accessibility and the ability of drivers to exit nearby car-parks.

⁃ The fact that Capel Street is a primary artery.

While this is not an exhaustive list of the issues raised, the report does respond to the concerns put forward. Nevertheless, the Area Committee will examine them and discuss all of the genuine concerns raised before making a determination on proceeding with #CarFree Capel Street.

Next Steps:

Should local Councillors adopt the #nothroughtraffic plans for Capel Street, I expect the traffic management changes to be implemented in early May, hopefully in time for the May Bank Holiday weekend. I’ll provide an update on this and other specifics following Wednesdays meeting.

If you have any particular questions or queries about this report, please get in touch with me by email at

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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