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Covid-19 Vaccination Centre Update

The HSE has, in recent days, made some changes to the operation of Covid-19 Vaccination Centres on the northside of the city.

A new Vaccination Centre opened at the National Show Centre in Swords last week (July 12th). This change was because of the closure of the Helix facility due to DCU requiring its facility to enable the return of university students in early September.

As you know the Community Vaccination Centre now located in Swords is one of two vaccination facilities on the northside, with the second being located in the heart of the North Inner City, at Croke Park. Through my membership of the HSE’s Regional Health Forum that covers Dublin Northside and the counties surrounding the city, I sought an update on the indicative wait-time for an appointment at the Croke Park Vaccination Centre as well as the numbers being vaccinated every day.

Following this request, the HSE Regional Health Office has shared an update with me to advise that the Community Vaccination Centre in Croke Park operates ten booths with the availability of 1,300 vaccination appointments every single day. From today, the Croke Park Vaccination Centre will be focusing on the 30 – 34 and older age cohort for vaccination. The HSE team closely monitor the wait-time for each age cohort so that applicants for the vaccine can be dealt with in as quick a timeframe as possible. If necessary, the HSE will reassign vaccinations to other centres across the city in order to ensure that those seeking a vaccine get it in as quickly a manner as possible.

Its important to note, that if you got your first Covid vaccine jab in the Helix, you would get your second at the National Show Centre Vaccination facility in Swords. So, when you get a text or a call, please take note of this important information.

Vaccination will continue to be by appointment only and registration is currently available at Remember to have your PPSN, Eircode, Mobile Phone number and email address when booking an appointment.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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