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Setting the parameters to redevelop former Convent Lands on Sean McDermott Street

City Councillors from across Dublin Central met this week to discuss the parameters of any potential redevelopment of the former Convent Lands along Sean McDermott Street.

This meeting also included personnel from the City Architects Department as well as the Local Area Council Office. The purpose of the meeting was to set in train a process that will ultimately lead to the finalising of an outline plan governing how these lands will be redeveloped. I have included below a selection of slides that formed part of the presentation made by the City Architects Department. The potential of the redevelopment of the former Convent Lands on Sean McDermott Street is significant for the North-East Inner City and is essential that we get it right.

While there are pressing local needs at present, it is important that determining the guiding principles of such a redevelopment that we consider what benefits it can provide but also the rules, objectives and priorities contained within the new Dublin City Development Plan that will come into effect from November 2022. Indeed, only last week, I secured agreement from Councillors and officials to designate the North-East Inner City as an area of Strategic Economic Development and Regeneration. Therefore, we need to take cognizance of planning rules such as these.

Finally, it was agreed that a Working Group be established with a view to reporting back by the end of October on a draft redevelopment Brief for the site. I will be a member of the Working Group which also includes two other Councillors and three officials from the Local Area Office and the Planning & Development Department of Dublin City Council. I look forward to taking part in a process that, I hope, can put in train an effective process that will the former Convent Lands being redeveloped in a way that recognises the failings of our part but also can be a living space for the future.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or proposals for the future of these lands, please email me at

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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