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Fixed Penalty Notices to be introduced in Dublin to tackle illegal parking


Dublin City Council’s new Pilot Scheme will see Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) being issued on the spot to drivers who park illegally in certain locations.

The Scheme, which comes into effect on June 1st 2021 and continues for 12 months will complement the existing options for dealing with illegally parked cars of clamping, relocation and removal to the Pound.”

Dublin Street Parking Services (DSPS) who currently manage enforcement on behalf of the Council, focuses on keeping people and traffic moving freely around the city. While the current options are effective in most cases, there is an ongoing challenge in tackling illegal parking on bus and cycle lanes, short stay illegal parking and footpath parking in particular.

Dublin City Council needs an additional form of enforcement in order to keep the city moving. Vehicles illegally parked on a short term basis can disrupt the flow of traffic and cause problems for pedestrians and cyclists. We have done extensive research with other local authorities in recent months and we believe that this additional enforcement tool will increase parking compliance in key areas.

“I very much welcome the introduction of this scheme and I would ask car-owners to make sure they park their vehicles legally and to ensure that our footpaths are free for pedestrians to pass by easily and free of any obstruction.

“Parking illegally on footpaths blocks access for the mobility and visually impaired users, for people with buggies and any action which reduces this parking is to be supported.

raymcadam View All

Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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