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#ParkShoppingCentre planning app – Council meeting update

On Wednesday, I and my council colleagues met with officials from the Planning Department of Dublin City Council to receive a presentation and discuss the application for planning permissions relating to the Park Shopping Centre site.

If you aren’t familiar with the details of the application, you can find more information about it here –

I have attached below a copy of the presentation Councillors received. You will see that it details some of the key aspects of the application and includes images of what a completed development would like, if planning permission is granted.

During my own contribution to the meeting, I outlined a number of issues including the impact of the development on St. Joseph’s Court and Rathdown Square. Secondly, I raised concerns about the construction management plan and the need for careful and constant monitoring of it, again in the event that planning is granted. The application provides for a significant amount of demolition and excavation works which will require a huge amount of HGVs to enter and exit the area on a daily basis as well as deliveries on site for the construction, where the application to be successful. Such a scenario would need to be very carefully managed and one, in my opinion, would require monthly reviews and ultimate approval by the Transportation and Roadworks Control Sections of Dublin City Council.

I sought clarity as to the proposed works schedule, in the event that permission is granted. The previous planning permission from 2017 provided for retailers like Tesco to continue operating throughout the construction period, I want the same to be provided here, so that there is no risk to jobs or local employment.

In speaking at the statutory meeting, I asked my council colleagues to a proposal that a community monitoring committee be established in the event that planning permission is granted. Those of us living in the Stoneybatter need to be engaged and consulted with during any redevelopment process. Indeed, I feel greater pre-planning consultation or information sharing should have been organised locally by the applicant prior to the lodging of this planning application.

Below is a copy of the presentation I and my colleagues received from the Planning Department:

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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