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Cycle Projects – Update

The City Engineer is bringing before the Council a report on Monday evening next detailing the status of four City Council cycling projects that have planning approval and of the on-street cycle parking provision project for the period up to September 2020. 

I have detailed below the latest position on each cycling infrastructural project:

Royal Canal Greenway

Phase 2:  is substantially complete. The scheme was officially opened on 31st July 2020. Tree planting will commence in October. However, the majority of tree planting will be implemented in November for security reasons. In addition, some landscaping will be carried out on Saville Place during the first week of October, replacing a pedestrian guardrail that had been in place prior to the scheme.

Phase 3: Pre-construction environmental and ecological surveys are in progress in line with Part 8 conditions. This includes bat surveys.  A Tree Specialist has been appointed to conduct air spading to investigate the root systems and the root depths. Some public lighting design changes under way to minimise ducting near the trees. Irish Rail were given the go ahead to install the boundary fence. The target construction tender issue is December 2020.

Phase 4: The construction of contraflow bus lane at Broombridge and the upgrade of public lighting from Bannow Road to Ballybogan Road has been completed ahead of schedule. However, the opening of the scheme is experiencing delays due to delays in getting an ESB connection. The scheme will provide a direct southbound link for buses (Bus Number 40E, linking Tyrellstown to Broombridge Luas Stop) and cyclists as well as provide a safer pedestrian environment along Broombridge Road. A contract for ground investigations was awarded in September 2020. Works are scheduled for October. The target construction tender issue is December 2020.

Dodder Greenway (Herbert Park to Donnybrook)

Tenders for the construction stage were issued on 8th September 2020 and the date for receipt of tenders is 28th October 2020. It is anticipated that the construction contract will be awarded in December 2020 with construction starting in January 2021.

Clontarf to City Centre

Following the submission of the Business Case for the project to the NTA, Dublin City Council is currently engaged in discussions regarding the final funding arrangements for the scheme with both the NTA and Irish Water. The scheme in its current from provides for circa. 5.6km of water mains. Dublin City Council is also carrying out further value engineering work on the scheme with the objective of minimising the risk of cost escalation during the construction stage. Subject to approval of the business case, with or without amendments to the scheme, it is intended to issue construction tender documents by end November 2020.

The Point Junction Improvement Scheme

The Point Junction Improvement scheme received Part VIII approval in 2015 for the section of circa 390m extending from the Tom Clarke Bridge along the East Wall Road to its junction with Sheriff Street Upper.  This design proposed one-way cycle tracks on both sides of East Wall Road. In order to provide continuity to the existing S2S Cycle Route, the Environment and Transportation Department commissioned a review of the previously granted Part VIII scheme, its integration with the proposed Point Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge and the overall East Coast Trail (S2S), The review recommended that the scheme be amended to provide a two-way cycle track on the west side of East Wall Road. A revised proposal is being prepared. 

Separately, the City Engineer is bringing forward details of an update with regards on-street cycle parking:

The 2020 Capital programme envisages the installation of 1,000 Sheffield stands (2,000 on street cycle parking spaces) per year. Under the 2020 programme, contracts for the installation of 691 stands at 138 locations have been awarded. The programme for 2020 has been divided into four batches as follows;

Batch 13: 290 stands at 47 locations – Ongoing, 46 locations complete.

Batch 14: 211 stands at 48 locations – Ongoing, 15 locations complete.

Batch 15: 198 stands at 45 locations – Construction to start early October.  Includes 3 Cargo Bike Parking stands (St Stephens Green and Manor Place).

Batch 16: 119 stands at 24 locations. Scheduled to go to tender in 30th September 2020.

Batch 17: Circa 200 stands. Site surveys to commence mid October 2020. It is intended to tender for installations in December 2020.

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