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Update on Grangegorman traffic trial – July 2020

The Chief Executive of Dublin City Council provided myself and other Councillors with an update on the Covid-19 Mobility Measures that are being implemented across the city.

One of those measures involves a ‘filtered permeability’ trial at Grangegorman – in effect, this is a ‘cycle gate’ similar to ‘Bus Gate’ along the Quays and at College Green. The trial is being designed to enable cyclists to travel through the area but other vehicles cannot. The Chief Executive confirmed that the implementation of this measure will not result in any changes to existing footpath facilities. New road markings are in place and the trial will come into effect from July 6th , or Monday next.

Below is the update shared with me and other colleagues yesterday by the Chief Executive:

The filtered permeability trial on Grangegorman Lower is due to commence on 6 July 2020. The measure will use bollards to prevent motorised through traffic in order to create a pedestrian and cycle friendly zone and a safer space for local residents and for thousands of pedestrians and cyclists arriving at TUD from September 2020.

“Drivers will no longer be able to use this route as a short-cut from North Circular Road to the Quays, and vice versa. Local vehicular access to Grangegorman Lower will be retained although some journeys will be required to take a more circuitous route. Vehicular access points to TUD Campus would be unaffected and access through the bollards will be maintained for emergency vehicles. No changes will be made to existing footpaths.

Turning restrictions (except for cyclists and access) will also be introduced from North Circular Road onto Grangegorman Upper and Rathdown Road, and from North Brunswick Street onto Grangegorman Lower to minimise the amount of motorised traffic entering the wider area. These restrictions, in conjunction with the proposed measures on Grangegorman Lower, are likely to create a safer and more liveable area for residents of Grangegorman Upper & Lower, Rathdown Road, Marne Villas, Fitzwilliam Place North, Stanhope Street and Kirwan Street.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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