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#NEIC Greening Strategy – April 2020 Progress Report


NEIC Greening STrategy 2020

Prior to the imposition of restrictions due to Covid19, I asked Dublin City Council officials to provide me with a detailed update on the status of the Greening Strategy for Dublin’s North East Inner City, a key feature of the Government’s NEIC Initiative.


The North East Inner City Greening Strategy presents a vison to rebrand the area, through the refurbishment of existing green spaces, derelict spaces, sports and recreational areas and street tree planting. The core of this vision incorporates sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS), international best practice guidance and biodiversity enhancement. The design proposals for specific sites shown in the document are for the purpose of illustration only. Their design development will be subject to further consultation. Indeed, following the adoption of the Strategy in late 2018, works have already been completed on a number of projects. The Strategy (Pg. 47) sets out the implementation timeline with phasing of projects sub-categorised in three sections i.e.:

  • Phase 1 – 2018-2021;
  • Phase 2 – 2021-2023;
  • Phase 3 2023-2026.


Phase 1 (2018-2021) Implementation is now underway. In 2019 a total of €350,000 was allocated by the Programme Implementation Board for Greening Strategy Implementation in respect of the following short term projects which have been substantially completed:

  • Belvedere Plaza (NCR Junction with Belvedere Place)
  • James Joyce Street tree planting
  • Greenwall at Seville Place
  • Store Street Plaza
  • Landscaping at Gloucester Place


In addition to the above a number of longer-term Dublin City Council major projects (included in the NEIC Strategy) are in progress:

  • Mountjoy Sq. Park Conservation Plan
  • Diamond Park re-development
  • Liberty Park re-development
  • Dorset Street Median
  • Royal Canal Greenway (Cycleway Phase 2)


The following projects have been selected for implementation in 2020 and a funding submission in the sum of €505,000 has been made via NEIC Sub-Group 4 (Enhancing Community Wellbeing and the Physical Environment). A decision on this funding submission is awaited:

  • Dorset Street Phase 2 – €150,000
  • Adopt a Tree (Residential Tree Planting Project to provide 200+ trees) – €50,000
  • Green Walling (Housing Complexes) – €20,000
  • Greening / Horticultural Project in partnership with O’Connells’ School – €50,000
  • Summerhill replacement Tree Planting (at HSE Primary Care Centre) – €90,000
  • Gloucester Diamond Plaza (Junction of Sean MacDermott Street & Gloucester Place Lower) – €30,000
  • Buckingham Street / Sean MacDermott Street / Killarney Street Design Feasibility Study – €25,000 (Total €50,000 co-fund with Dublin City Council)
  • Frenchman’s Lane SUDS Project – €60,000 (Total: €120,000 co-fund with Dublin City Council Drainage Dept.)
  • Foley Street Greening Interventions – €30,000


The Greening Strategy is underpinned by the NEIC Strategic Plan 2020-2022. Progress and delivery of the above projects under the Greening Strategy is dependent on allocation of NEIC funding.


Obviously, the continued movement restrictions as a result of the Covid19 national emergency will have an impact on the advancement of these proposals but I expect to have revised timelines for their completion next month, after which I will update you further.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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