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Earlier this week, I met with Traffic Engineers and officials on Oxmantown Road to discuss how it is the City Council envisage:

➢ The possible design of the traffic scheme.

➢ The design of the tree pits.

➢ Where initial slit trenching works will take place.

➢ Potential Sheffield Hangers or Stands.

➢ Locations for Electric Car Charging Points.


Following the North Inner City Area Committee last month, where I outlined the views and feedback shared with me by Oxmantown Road residents, Dublin City Council has now procured consultants to finalise the design for the traffic calming scheme on Oxmantown Road. The consultants will finalise the design in the coming months. I expect that the design will involve tree pits similar to this image below:


The consultants will now take into consideration the feedback you provided during the consultation process I organised across February and early March. The final design will be affected by many factors including effectiveness in reducing speed, safety for cyclists, impact on parking etc.


Early next week, the City Council will undertake slit trenching at the upper end of Oxmantown Road in order to confirm the location of underground services and the viability of the scheme. I expect to receive a report arising from these slit trench works which I will share with you afterwards.


I hope this information is of assistance to you. However, if you have any questions or queries arising from the details provided, please come back to me and I will endeavour to answer any enquiries that you may have.


As your LOCAL Councillor, I work to keep you updated of issues and matters taking place in the area. If you would like to keep updated of my work on your behalf, further details are available on my website,


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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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