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North Inner City Community Policing Plan 2019

The Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee at its meeting on March 25th last formally adopted the North Inner City Community Policing Plan 2019.

The Plan set out the core community policing commitments and objectives for the year ahead and is based on the community issued that have arisen in 2018. It is also linked with the actions identified in the Mulvey Report.

As Chair of the Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee, I have worked with senior Garda management locally as well as the Community Policing teams in the Bridewell, Store Street and the Mountjoy / Fitzgibbon Street districts to ensure that as resources grow, we utilize the fullest extent to keep communities of the North Inner City safe and secure. A key element of this plan is the retention of the ‘small areas policing’ initiative to provide the highest level possible community policing service to residents, householders and businesses across the North Inner City.

Garda resources have been increased over the last number of years as a result of greater investment by our Fine Gael-led Government. This has resulted in the total Garda numbers for the North Inner City currently standing at 743, which is made up of:

  • 1x Chief Superintendent
  • 4x Detective Superintendent / Superintendents
  • 18x Detective Inspectors / Inspectors
  • 90x Detective Sergeants / Sergeants
  • 567x Detective Garda/ Gardaí
  • 18x Reserve Gardaí
  • 45x Civilian Garda staff

The North Inner City Community Policing Plan 2019 contains 14 separate objectives, the success or failure of each will be quantified by 45 measurements.

Some of the key objectives in this new Community Policing Plan, include:

  • Build a proactive and prioritized community policing ethos and service in the North Inner City where every Garda, civil servant and reserve member regardless of their rank or grade, considers service to the community a core function.
  • Enhance, promote and develop the community policing service through the Small Areas initiative to everyone in the community.
  • Address anti-social behavior and quality of life issues in our public parks particularly in the summer.
  • Increase the level of interaction between Community Gardaí and young people on the street.
  • Work with youth projects and services to develop a multi-agency approach to facilitate a supportive route out of crime for young people.
  • Use pre-emptive, intelligence-led operations, including hot spot and high visibility patrolling to address drug related issues and quality of life issues in the North Inner City.
  • In conjunction with the local community and Project Implementation Board set up as a result of the Mulvey Report, develop strategies to address the issue of drug related intimidation in the North East Inner City.

If you have any questions or queries arising from the details of the new Community Policing Plan for the North Inner City, please get in touch with me at

raymcadam View All

Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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