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North Inner City ramp resurfacing programme 2017


Over the last number of weeks, I have been working with the Roads Maintenance Section of Dublin City Council to ensure that damaged speed ramps and traffic calming measures are repaired throughout 2017. The Council is at the initial stages of the tender process and it is envisaged that works will begin after March. I expect that the following ramps will be rebuilt and repaired across the late spring and summer.

77 Montpellier Hill
Coleraine Street – North King Street Junction
Royal Canal Bank – Phibsborough Road Junction
Devery’s Lane – Phibsborough Rd Junction
9 St Joseph’s Street
5 Synott Place
Beresford Street – North King Street Junction
Linenhall Street – North King Street Junction
Lurgan Street – North King Street Junction
Halston Street – North King Street Junction
Henrietta Place – North King Street Junction
Workers Party HQ , Hill Street
Little People Academy , Hill Street
Charleville Mall – North Strand Road Junction
43 Leinster Avenue
Bargy Road – East Road Junction
Ravensdale Road – East Road Junction
Caledon Road –East Road Junction
Spring Garden Street LS2
47 Church Road
Ormond Square – Chancery Street Junction
First Avenue – Seville Place Junction
Second Avenue – Seville Place Junction
Third Avenue – Seville Place Junction
Fourth Avenue – Seville Place Junction
8 Taffee’s Place
17 Taffee’s Place
Forth Rd-East Wall Road Junction

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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