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Markets Matters – Spring 2023

ORMOND SQUARE PLAYGROUND – Council plan to upgrade

The play space in Ormond Square has been included in a programme of playground upgrades this year. Shortly, Council officials will begin a process of engagement with the local community who regularly use the play space. This consultative process will inform the type of additional play units that may be installed, how accessibility can be improved upon and what further measures can be implemented to make play better there. The Play Development Officer will undertake this process before reporting back on what needs to be done. As your Local Councillor, I will ensure you are kept fully abreast of all developments.


Last year, I asked the Traffic Advisory Group of Dublin City Council to examine ways to restrict access to Beresford Street for HGVs. Householders on the street have repeatedly expressed their concern to me about the volume of HGVs using the road, the speeds those vehicles travel at, the fact that they are hitting the ramps at speed and the growing worry about the impact of this on their homes and properties. At the monthly Council meeting this week, I reiterated the need for action be taken by the Council on this issue. I will continue to pursue this issue until progress is made.


As Chair of the Dublin Central Area Committee, I have been liaising with the local Public Domain crew to ensure we have an effective weeding programme in place this spring in your area. Over the coming weeks, crews will be removing weeds along Anne Street North, Arran Street East, Beresford Street, Balls Lane, Coke Lane, Coleraine Street, Cuckoo Lane, Friary Avenue, Friary Grove, George’s Hill, Greek Street, Hendrick Street, Linenhall Parade, Linenhall Street, Linenhall Terrace, Lisburn Street, Little Britain Street, Little Green Street and Lurgan Street. New machinery has been purchased in order to improve the effectiveness of weeding this year.


The Housing Department of Dublin City Council is continuing to examine the condition of its existing housing complexes and determine whether what improvements are necessary and where possible, additional homes can be built. St. Michan’s House and Chancery House are currently under consideration as part of this review. I understand that when the review has been completed, the findings will be presented to the Dublin Central Area Committee and directly with residents and householders in both St. Michan’s House and Chancery House.

MARY’S LANE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING – Installation within a month!

Last November, I secured a written commitment to install a new pedestrian crossing along Mary’s Lane in order to make crossing the street much safer for all pedestrians, but particularly our elderly and young people. Many of you have been in touch asking when the pedestrian crossing will be installed. I can confirm that these works will start within the next month. Transportation Engineers have indicated that when works start they should take approximately 4 – 6 weeks to complete.


Ever since the appalling incident that took place in Kevin Barry House last October, I have been working with residents to ensure improvements take place. This involved setting up a number of meetings with the Head of the Council’s Housing Department. These meetings have resulted in an extensive maintenance and cleaning programme within Kevin Barry House. These works included skutching, power hosing and weeding of all shared areas including stairwells, balconies, footpaths, playground, pitch and the plaza area to the front.  Repairs were also completed in the playground and a new swing installed.  In addition to the above the Council is currently in the process of installing secure bin chambers in both blocks.



SUSI is now open to receive applications for the 2023/24 academic year. If you are applying there are a number of important changes to the SUSI Grant Scheme this year that were announced by Minister Paschal Donohoe as part of Budget 2023. These changes include:

  • Increase in income limit from €55,240 to €62,000 for the 50% student contribution grant.
  • Increase in the amount of Holiday Earnings which may be deducted from the total household income from €4,500 to €6,552.

The key dates to remember for applicants are:

  • •     Priority closing date for renewal applications:             8 June 2023
  • •    Priority closing date for new applications:                    6 July 2023

If you have any questions or indeed require assistance in completing the application process, please contact me by text on 086 – 847 1720 or by email at


Nominations are now open for the annual Dublin North Central Garda Youth Awards. The awards celebrate outstanding young people between 13 and 21 years of age and recognise the good work being done by young people throughout the communities of the North Inner City. All nominees and group members should be between 13 and 21 years of age on December 31st, 2022, and the Dublin North Central Garda Division covers Mountjoy, Fitzgibbon Street, Bridewell and Store Street Garda Stations. TEXT me on 086 – 847 1720 for an application form. The Closing date for entries is Friday, 2nd June 2023.


Both the Transportation and the Parks departments, in conjunction with City Recovery, are working together on the proposals for the interim Capel Street plan. A final review is underway with a tender for the first section (between Ryder’s Row and Mary Street) expected to be issue early May and starting on the ground mid to late June. Once these proposals have been finalised, I will share that information with you.


The issue of community policing has been raised with both myself and Minister Paschal Donohoe during our recent canvasses in the Markets area. Keeping our streets safe and secure is a major priority for us, both locally and nationally. I recently met with local senior Garda officers to outline the concerns raised with us and to underscore the need for increased community police patrols. The Superintendent in the Bridewell committed to delivering these patrols in order to reassure you and your family that a Garda presence will be much more visible. I would welcome very much your feedback on this as I will be having a follow up with the Gardai before the end of May.


Recently we have seen some unauthorised attempts to hold Horse Fairs in Smithfield. Only last Saturday, some 200+ horse traders turned up in Smithfield Square in breach of the agreed protocols with the City Council and the Gardai. Following the violence that occurred in 2011, the Council alongside Revenue, the Gardai and the Department of Social Protection has put in place procedures whereby only two supported Horse Fairs are permitted every year – in March and September. It appears there are those who refuse to comply with the market trading rules that govern the Horse Fair. As a result, the City Council and the Gardai are reviewing what occurred last week and will decide on appropriate next steps. I am very clear in supporting the Council- backed Fairs in March and September. Many Markets residents have been in touch with me this week on the matter. The City Council is completing a deep clean of the Square following last week’s event.


As Chair of the Dublin Central Area Committee, I had the responsibility of securing agreement as to how the North Inner City Discretionary Budget of €495,000 would be spent this year. I am pleased to report that agreement was reached, and that this money is being allocated towards Council projects and supporting community initiatives. I can confirm that the following allocations have been made:

–              €5,000 towards the landscaping of the surrounding areas of the playground in Henrietta House.

–              €15,000 is to be provided to secure new security doors in Sheridan Court and Kevin Barry House.

–              Upgrading of CCTV networks across a number of City Council housing complexes with a contribution of €20,000

–              Towards the purchase of additional CCTV to tackle illegal dumping.

–              To undertake additional weed treatment on our local streets.

–              €5000 to ensure the pedestrian gate in Chancery House is upgraded.

–              €10,000 will be spent on upgrading of the green area within Kevin Barry House.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

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