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What’s the latest with the #Readymix site redevelopment?

I recently convened a special meeting of the Dublin Central Area Committee that focused exclusively on the many housing projects currently underway or planned across the area. You learn more about the information shared with Councillors at that meeting here –

The meeting also included a further update on the approved plan to redevelop the former Readymix site along East Wall Road. Officials confirmed that the information I shared with local residents last month is still the most up to date position. Given that being the case, I have detailed below the update I circulated. Please get in touch with me if you have any specific questions or queries by emailing me at

In questioning officials, I sought the following information, including:

–              The next steps in the redevelopment of the former Readymix Site.

–              The current status of the detailed design stage and the preparation of a tender process for the selection of a preferred contractor.

–              How Dublin City Council intends on securing the site.

–              The next steps in the delivery of the various conditions included in the planning permission.

–              An indicative timeframe for when works are likely to start on site.

Work on the detailed design of the redevelopment, in line with the planning permission approved by Councillors in July, is continuing and is likely to be completed shortly.

It is expected that Dublin City Council will begin the procurement process for the selection of a preferred building contractor to complete the construction work of redeveloping the former Readymix Site early in 2023. This project is part of a wider house building scheme that will see the City Council partnering with the National Development Finance Agency and it will be approximately 12 months to conclude that process. I have advised that the tender package will account for the specific conditions attached to the Part 8 planning permission for this site.

The first Quarter of 2024 is when the Housing Department of Dublin City Council expects construction work to begin on site with an indicative building programme of 18 months but that will not be confirmed until the tender process has been concluded.

The Housing Department remains satisfied that the former Readymix site is sufficiently secure and that the licence for the temporary compound being used by Clonmel Enterprises as part of the Clontarf to City Centre project remains in situ. If you have any specific concerns about the security levels of the site in question, please do come back to me.

The City Council is also seeking expressions of interest from Approved Housing Bodies like Cluid or Circle Housing, for example, with a view to managing future tenancies in the new complex. It is likely that on-site investigative works will be required throughout the coming months and officials have agreed to provide sufficient prior notice about these works so that any drilling, etc does not come as a surprise to local residents and householders.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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