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Sean McDermott Street swimming pool repairs Update

As your Councillor for the North Inner City and Chair of the Dublin Central Area Committee of Dublin City Council, I have been striving to install a sense of urgency into the repairs of the Sean McDermott Street swimming pool.

Notwithstanding the support that has been provided in recent years by the Government’s NEIC Initiative, additional repairs and upgrades are needed to get the swimming pool open and usable once again. I can confirm that the Council has provided me with an assurance to undertake essential improvement works in January. The Community and Recreation Department of the Council will seek tenders this month from potential contractors with the selection process being concluded by Christmas. It is envisaged that the proposed tender will incorporate the following:

⁃ Essential roof repairs/replacement

⁃ Replacement of delaminated tiles both within the pool and pool bank

⁃ Upgrade of fire doors

⁃ Reconfiguration of reception area

⁃ Improvements to building façade

I can also confirm that the City Council is considering and actively examining a number of longer term options in relation to maximising access to sports & leisure facilities in the Sean McDermott Street area.

As Chair of the Dublin Central Area Committee, I am arranging for a report in relation to this for the December Area Committee meeting. When that information is shared with myself and local Councillors, I will circulate those details.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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