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Adding #RawltonHouse to Protected Structure list

I am continuing to secure agreement from Dublin City Council for the inclusion of Rawlton House on Sherrard Street on the Record of Protected Structures in the city.

Rawlton House is a former Victorian school dating from 1899 and used to be known as St. George’s National School. Further details about the building and its importance can be found at

Earlier this month, I sought a commitment from the City Council’s Chief Executive to begin the process of formally adding Rawlton House to the Record of Protected Structures. Unfortunately, we have seen in recent months, too much of the old building damaged and stripped. My fire is that the roof could collapse or worse still, its set alight. It’s so important to protect our built heritage in the City Centre and Rawlton House is an example of such.

The Senior Planner in the Conservation Section responded to my representations confirming the building has been surveyed by the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH), as part of their ongoing survey of the architectural heritage of the city of Dublin. Rawlton House has been given a ‘Regional’ rating by the NIAH and is recommended for proposed addition to the City’s Record of Protected Structures given its architectural, artistic and social special interest.

Given the recommendation of the Ministerial body, the City Council will now prioritise the inspection of Rawlton House with a view to formally recommending to me and my Councillor colleagues to approve the inclusion of the building on the list of Protected Structures within the city.

While this is welcome, the key thing for me is to get that inspection done so that this important building is protected into the future. I will work to have inspection expedited as quickly as possible. If you would like more information on this building and my work to have it protected, please email me at

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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