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As I outlined in my Spring update, Dublin City Council has, over the last six months, been examining measures to improve road safety at the Hanlon’s Corner junction. Initial ideas were presented to local Councillors last December. Engineers were asked to consider feedback arising from that meeting and to engage with the National Transport Authority, in terms of securing funding for any works before reporting back to Councillors. That report has now been published and contains six specific measures for possible action. Depending on the consideration of these by the Dublin Central Area Committee on June 14th next, the City Council will facilitate a public consultation to secure the views of local residents. That report is available on and I would welcome your thoughts and feedback in advance of our meeting on the 14th. Please email that feedback to me at

UPDATE ON PHOENIX PARK TRAFFIC MEASURES – Share with me your feedback!

The Office of Public Works has, since February 28th last, been implementing measures in the Phoenix Park contained in the Transport and Mobility Study recommendations. The pilot study to examine the benefits or otherwise of introducing culs-de-sac on the North Road and Upper Glen Road appear to be working well. The North Road has new road markings and signage and is operating a one-way system in the city direction only. The OPW has erected signage at both entrances to the Upper Glen Road notifying motorists of this. Bollards delineating the cul-de-sac have been installed to allow cyclists, wheelchairs and people with buggies access. In addition, there are two cycle lanes clearly marked on the North Road. The design and plans for the 8 km permanent one-directional cycle lanes along both sides of Chesterfield Avenue, linking Castleknock to the city, are currently being advanced with the National Transport Authority and Dublin City Council. There are concerns about the effectiveness of the 30km/hr speed limit and about the availability of parking, both of which are being examined by the Office of Public Works. I would welcome your thoughts and feedback on the effectiveness or otherwise of the initiatives introduced to date. Please email me at with your views.


Justice Minister, Helen McEntee T.D. recently announced the opening of the 2022 Community Safety Innovation Fund to new applications. This fund is drawn from the proceeds of crime seized by the Criminal Assets Bureau and the Gardai. The fund supports local projects that improve community safety. The Department of Justice has called for applications for projects, that reduce the risk of crime, reduce reoffending and divert vulnerable individuals away from criminal behaviour. Projects funded can also involve the improvement of public spaces or sporting and arts facilities. The Fund is open to bodies involved in community safety and will support them in addressing local needs and opportunities for innovation not provided for in other funds managed by Departments and agencies. The call for applications for the Fund runs until 8 June 2022 and grants will range from €20,000 to €150,000. For further information please go to, email or please contact me directly at where I will be happy to assist you.


As part of Budget 2022, the following changes to the Student Grant Scheme for the 2022/23 academic year were announced:

  • The annual maintenance grant will increase by €200.
  • Income thresholds for all grant rates except the Special Rate will increase by €1,000.
  • The qualifying distance for the non-adjacent rate of maintenance grant will reduce from 45km to 30km.

If you or a family member intends applying for a SUSI Grant for the next academic year, there are two key dates to remember. Existing students who have availed of a SUSI Grant, must submit their renewal application by June 9th next. New applicants should have their documentation submitted by July 7th. Please get in touch with me if you need assistance with the application process.

GARDA OPERATION Faoiseamh – Tackling Domestic Violence

Operation Faoiseamh is An Garda Síochána’s response to Domestic Abuse related incidents. The operation continues to provide an enhanced level of support, protection and reassurance to victims of domestic abuse in the DMR. Phase I of Operation Faoiseamh involves the utilisation of Garda Victim Liaison Offices, Divisional Protective Service Units and other appropriate resources to reach out and contact victims of Domestic Abuse with a view to ascertaining any existing issues of concern, to offer support and reassurance and to ensure that any issues identified were dealt with swiftly and decisively. Phase II of Operation Faoiseamh concentrates on the execution of arrests of suspects and initiating prosecutions for offences relating to breaches of court orders obtained pursuant to relevant provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, 2018.

DUBLIN 7 FESTIVALS: June 17th – 19th

The Annual Stoneybatter Festival is scheduled to take place this month between June 17th and 19th. I know the Festival weekend is a major highlight for many and as always, it promises to be a magical weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing the programme when it is published in the coming days. Let’s hope the weather is good and allows for us all to have a great time! That same weekend sees the inaugural ‘Smithfield Fleadh’ take place. A new free, folk and traditional music event in Smithfield Square on June 18th & 19th. There will be plenty to enjoy with sean-nós dancers, The Dublin Lasses (Sibéal Davitt and Friends) on the main stage, a new children’s traditional music and puppet show called ‘TREEHOUSE’ by Ceol Connected, and Cormac Begley & Friends who are among the acts on the programme. Please visit to see the full programme which may be subject to change.


Throughout the last number of weeks, residents across Arbour Hill and Stoneybatter have had experience of their cars being vandalised or broken into. From information shared with me, it appears that the majority of vehicles affected were parked directly outside the homes of their owners and are cars aged nine years and older. In response to this spate of incidents, I have liaised with the Gardai and the Community Policing Team requesting that an increased Garda presence in the area to provide reassurance to you as well as helping identify those responsible. I’ll keep you posted of developments in this regard across the coming weeks.


For those of living in the #NorthInnerCity and use a bike, it can be difficult to store it securely, given the largely limited amount of outdoor space. More often than not, the bike or bikes are clogging up the hall! That’s why I have been engaging with the Transportation Department of Dublin City Council to advance the delivery of more ‘Sheffield Stand’ in residential neighbourhoods of the #NorthInnerCity, including Stoneybatter, where outdoor space is often at a premium. I’m pleased to report that a further round of On-Street Cycling Parking within the #DublinCentral area is being currently being prepared with a contract being awarded for the installation works by the middle of this month. Within Stoneybatter, the Environment & Transportation Department has confirmed to me that on-street cycle parking will be facilitated along Oxmantown Road, Blackhall Street, Viking Place and Stoneybatter. I expect the works to be take place across August.


Throughout the opening months of this year, I have been contacted by #NorthInnerCity residents and households critical of the amount of clutter on our city streets. By clutter, I mean electric boxes, the use of plastic bollards or the amount of street signage poles. With that in mind, I put some questions to the Chief Executive of Dublin City Council, Owen Keegan requesting clarity on the need for such street clutter. I asked him to explain the rationale behind the volume of electric boxes cluttering the public realm of our City Centre; why is it they are necessary; instead of using plastic bollards, can planters not be used to segregate and protect cycle lanes. I highlighted the junction of Infirmary Road with Montpelier Hill of where greenery would be better suited to protect cycle infrastructure. You can read more about the Council’s response to me at Separately, as Chair of the Dublin Central Area Committee, I have been liaising with officials in the Area Office to advance proposals for a pilot decluttering scheme in Stoneybatter, specifically along Manor Street. Late last year, the Committee agreed a motion put forward by Cllr. Costello to tackle the number of poles and signage in place along a specific stretch of Manor Street. In response, I committed to putting in place a Working Group to focus on removing as much unnecessary street poles, signs, etc along the whole length of Manor Street. As part of the #DublinCentral Discretionary Allocation 2022, we have set aside €15,000 to advance this work. It is my hope, that if we can make substantial progress with this pilot scheme, a similar initiative will be backed by the Council Executive for implementation across the City Centre. Tackling this issue, for me, is a central aspect of what I believe we need to do to ‘Clean up Dublin’.


Planning permission has been finally approved for the redevelopment of the O’Devaney Gardens lands, following the High Court’s consideration of a Judicial Review of the original planning decision on May 6th last. An Bord Pleanála issued an amended planning order on March 8th last, in line with Section 146(A)(1)(b)(iii) of the Planning and Development Act. The amended condition of the planning permission seeks to “restrict new housing development to use by persons of a particular class or description in order to ensure an adequate choice and supply of housing, including affordable housing, in the common good.” The Board argued that the amended planning condition does not result in a material change to the terms of the development, as outlined in the decision of Dublin City Council to adopt a Development Agreement in November 2019. That agreement remember provides for 20% of the homes to be built, a mix of affordable purchase or rental, 30% public housing and the remainder owner-occupier. I expect that the Government will confirm shortly the level of financial support to Dublin City Council towards the cost of the affordable and public housing elements and I’ll share those details when available to me.


The City Council is continuing to undertake speed surveys along Oxmantown Road and Arbour Hill in response to increased traffic volumes and associated speeding that has been occurring. A tender is currently being prepared to go to in determining what further measures are required for Oxmantown Road and new initiatives that could be implemented along Arbour Hill. I will keep you updated of developments in this regard.


The Dublin Central Area Committee of the City Council recently considered details of a survey by the Management Section regarding the volume of litter bins surrounding the Grangegorman Campus. We also sought clarity where the need for additional bins was identified. A litter bin is in place near the North Circular Road end of Rathdown Road, and I understand a new bin will be installed at the bike rack there near the pedestrian crossing. In total, there are sixteen litter bins along Manor Street and at the bus stops on Prussia Street. The Council does not believe it appropriate for a litter bin to be installed on Fingal Place, given that it is a cul-de-sac. However, given the footfall though Fingal Place into the campus, I am of view that a bin is warranted there. I’d welcome your thoughts on this. The Waste Management Section is currently assessing Grangegorman Upper and Lower regarding suitability for bins. If there are other locations where you believe a new litter bin should be installed, please get in touch with me at

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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