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The Housing Department of Dublin City Council has finally brought forward plans to redevelop the former Readymix Site along East Wall Road. The formal planning application presented to the March meeting of the Dublin Central Area Committee, which I chair, seeking planning permission for the construction of 68 apartments across two development blocks, ranging in height from three and six storeys.

Since 2018, when I first shared details of the Council’s thinking about how the former Readymix site could be redeveloped, this project has undergone substantial design review within Dublin City Council. Last month, an informal presentation was made to Councillors detailing the Housing Department’s revised proposals, which Councillors requested further consideration be given to a range of suggestions, including greater allocation of one-bedroom units for senior citizens, the feasibility of affordable purchase or cost rental being provided, for example. The Council has decided, however, that this development will be solely public housing and the homes to be built allocated to those on the housing waiting list.


The proposed development will comprise of:

  • Two residential development blocks, ranging in height of between three and six storeys.
  • 68x homes, including:
    • 17x 1-bedroom units,
    • 28x 2-bedroom units,
    • 23x 3-bedroom units,
    • 10% of the homes to be built to Universal Design standards.
  • Landscaped public open space and communal open space for residential use.
  • 34x car-parking spaces.
  • 88x bicycle parking spaces.


This planning application has been submitted through the Part 8 process, which requires your City Councillors to decide on whether to grant planning permission or not. Before that decision is made at the July City Council meeting, a six-week statutory public consultation will be held, providing you the opportunity to have your say. The consultation opened on March 14th and you have until April 29th next to lodge a formal observation, which should be submitted to the Executive Manager, Planning and Property Development Department, Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 before 4.30pm. Alternatively, you can have your views recorded online via


Separately, I will be holding a Public Meeting on Wednesday, March 30th next at 7.45pm. The meeting will take place online, via CISCO Webex. The purpose of this public forum will be to share additional information on the planning application and provide you with an opportunity to seek further details and ask any questions you wish. Please email me at to secure an invitation to this meeting.


Since 2020, the Dublin City Council managed swimming pool along Sean McDermott Street has been closed as a result of significant health and safety issues. Ongoing issues with roof leaks and continuing problems with the rising and broken tiles in the pool basin due to structural issues with the concrete beneath contributed to these major health and safety issues. Over the last two years, the Council has sought to carry out significant investigations, surveys, opening up works etc. leading to the development of a works tender package and ultimately a capital works programme to refurbish and significantly enhance the Sean McDermott Street swimming pool. Based on the findings of these investigations the initial scope of works are in summary:

  • Re-tile the pool hall, deck and basin
  • Recover the existing roof (it was repaired in 2014, but has reached the end of its life)
  • Repair the roof structural deck at the point of a leak and repaint the roof trusses. This element of the works will need to be completed in advance of the retiling of the pool and deck as a full scaffold will need to be placed in the pool to gain access to the roof.

In addition to these works, enhanced ventilation, quality electrical fittings and the upgrade of the energy efficiency system can also be undertaken. Depending on success of the tender process to select a contractor, it is hoped the improvement works can begin by October next. A fuller report on the Sean McDermott Street swimming pool works can be found online at


The Government has published the General Scheme of the Circular Economy Bill 2021 as part of our efforts to intensify existing laws in place against littering and dumping. In particular, the Government is focusing on how CCTV can be used for the purpose of gathering evidence and if local authorities are entitled to use this in court as a means supporting a prosecution of offenders. The outline of the Bill will seek to facilitate not only the use of CCTV, but also the use of a broad range of Audio-Visual Recording (AVR) equipment in order to assist local authorities in their efforts to combat litter and illegal dumping. A combination of legislation and guidance will help to ensure that the processing of personal data, obtained through the use of CCTV and AVR equipment, may be carried out by local authorities tasked with enforcing both litter and waste legislation, thus providing an important deterrent in order to protect our environment from the scourge of illegal dumping, while at the same time respecting the privacy rights of citizens. The Bill can also facilitate consideration of the use of Fixed Penalty Notices for litter and waste enforcement purposes. It is my firm belief that passing this legislation will give local authorities like Dublin City Council the mechanism upon which to prosecute those responsible for the illegal dumping of waste and other materials on streets across our city and thereby improving the public realm for all of us to enjoy.


In recent days, some concern has been raised with me about the future of the Shamrock Terrace Recycling Civic Centre. Coupled with rumours that the facility was closing, I was only too happy to facilitate an Emergency Debate on the issue at this month’s Dublin Central Area Committee meeting. By facilitating the debate, as Chair of the Area Committee, I put on record my strongly held view this essential amenity that serves the community of the North Strand and those right across the North-East Inner City, must now be closed nor downgraded. Officials from the Waste Management Section have since responded to the Emergency Debate, I facilitated indicating that the “Civic Amenity at Shamrock Terrace will transfer to” the planned North City Operations Depot, the new purpose-built facility being constructed in Ballymun. I understand, from officials, that “a manned bring centre will remain to service the needs” of the community. But we do not know the extent of the services to be provided by this ‘manned bring centre’, nor the likely opening hours or the services to be provided. Therefore, as Chair of the Dublin Central Area Committee, I intend bringing this issue before the April meeting of the City Council and want to show the Chief Executive the support there exists locally for the existing facility to remain in situ. I will be seeking a firm commitment from the Chief Executive that the Shamrock Terrace facility will be retained and that he also commits to improving and further enhancing the amenity that currently is on our doorstep and used by some many householders in the North Inner City and across the north-side of Dublin. If you have any questions about the details outlined above or require further information on this situation, please email me at


This project is one being advanced by Dublin City Council to provide enhanced walking, cycling and bus priority infrastructure between Amiens Street / Talbot Street junction and Clontarf Road. €62m has been allocated towards the cost of delivering this project by the National Transport Authority. As well as providing cycle network upgrades and improved transport infrastructure, the project includes the delivery of water network infrastructure upgrades in partnership with Irish Water. It also includes extensive upgrades to footpaths, tree planting and other greening measures. Construction work is expected to begin this year and when it does, there will be substantial disruption, including the re-routing of traffic, etc. Given that such disruption is likely, I and other Councillors have been repeatedly highlighting the need for clear communication and the sharing of information by the Project Team with you. An Informational Leaflet was supposed to have been circulated by now, but many North Strand residents that I have spoken to, know little about such a leaflet. Therefore, if you would like a copy of this Information Leaflet, please email me at Furthermore, I will circulate a more detailed update early month, following a specially convened joint meeting of the Dublin Central and North Central Area Committees to be held on March 25th, which I am arranging, to discuss this project. I am doing so to secure better information for you, specifically in relation to:

  • Design changes post planning permission.
  • The proposed construction programme agreed with the Contractor.
  • Traffic Management plans during 2022.
  • How the Council can better communicate locally about this project.

If you have any further questions or queries arising from this information and about the wider project, please get in touch with me at

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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