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Throughout the last number of years, I have endeavoured to secure funding to improve the quality of road surfaces across Stoneybatter, in line with my 2019 Local Election campaign commitment. Since then, Blackhall Place, Sitric Place, Olaf Road and Murtagh Road have been re-surfaced. As part of the 2022 Roads Improvement Programme, I can confirm that I have secured funding of €317,800 to enable the upgrade of Manor Street, between Stoneybatter and Kirwan Street. The remaining stretch between Stoneybatter and Blackhall Place will also be completed this year. I anticipate that further improvement works along North King Street will take place, particularly the stretch between Church Street and Queen Street. These works normally take place across August, when traffic volumes are lower. However, I will ensure that you are kept up to date with a more specific timeframe for these resurfacing works. The full programme can be found here –


Substantial progress continues to be made in delivering projects associated with #GreeningStoneybatter. You can read detailed regular updates on at where you find specific information on the planned tree-planting programme along Harold Road, Ostman Place and Viking Place, improvements to Thor Place Park and the new Montpelier Gardens play pocket park. The Parks Department is arranging for a leaflet to be circulated to householders on Harold Road, Ostman Place & Viking Place regarding the planned construction of new tree pits on the three streets at least one week before the works begin. MCD Landscape architects will undertaking these works. I can also confirm that the City Council will also arrange to distribute leaflets on the following streets this month to consult on draft plans for tree planting along Niall Street, Murtagh Road, Sigurd Street, Swords Street, Fitzwilliam Place North, Cowper Street, Montpelier Hill and streets connecting to Moira Road. Furthermore, you can find out more information about the potential for a Rain Garden along Arbour Hill and ideas for a Green School Zone on Cowper Street. If you would any additional information on these or any of updates on my website, please email me at


Just prior to Christmas, Dublin City Council’s Environment & Transportation Department shared ideas with the Dublin Central Area Committee, which I chair, to enhance and improve road safety at the Hanlon’s Corner junction. Full details of the report are available online at The presentation made by the Transportation Engineers included eight separate recommendations that, if implemented, in their opinion would improve pedestrian and cyclist safety at Hanlon’s Corner. In response to the proposals put forward, I highlighted my concern about the narrowing of the footpaths and detailed my desire for clearer definitions of the areas for walking, cycling and motor traffic. Only if Dublin City Council is in a position to agree to install a timed pedestrian crossing, I could not support the removal of the traffic island on the Prussia Street arm of the junction. I also suggested that an advanced stop line and a head start at traffic lights for cyclists might be of benefit on the approach to Hanlon’s Corner from the Old Cabra Road. What the debate before Christmas reiterated to me was just how difficult it is to make any alterations to the junction. Before any public consultation is launched by the City Council, the Environment and Transportation Department will provide a further report arising from the issues raised at the December 20th meeting. When that information is available to me, I will make sure to share it locally. Please email me at if you would like to receive a copy of this report.


It is likely that the first 56 homes being built on the former O’Devaney Gardens will be complete by the summer with the allocation of these by Dublin City Council, shortly thereafter. With regards the build-out of the remainder of the lands and the construction of 1047 homes, Bartra is awaiting on a decision of the Judicial Review proceedings brought before the High Court. The Court hearing has been adjourned twice in recent weeks, but it is expected that the High Court will consider the appeal on February 14th next. As and when more information is available on the Judicial Review and funding for the public and affordable housing, I will share those details with you. I regularly email local residents with updates on the O’Devaney Gardens regeneration and if you would like to receive such updates, please email me at and I will include you on my mailing list.


Over the last number of weeks, both Dublin City Council’s Waste Management Services and the Corporate Contractor P-MAC have been removing graffiti from various locations across Stoneybatter, including Aughrim Place, Shea’s Court, Manor Street, Blackhall Street and Prussia Street. If there any items of graffiti on walls or buildings along your street, get in touch with me and I will arrange for the graffiti to be removed as quickly as possible. Please email me at and I’ll follow up on the matter. 


Following the implementation of measures associated with the Oxmantown Road Traffic Calming Scheme, Dublin City Council has continued to monitor the effectiveness of the initiative and consider what additional interventions may be required. With that in mind, further speed surveys were carried out before Christmas, as traffic volumes increased in line with the easing of public health restrictions. I expect that additional speed surveys will be required before the Transportation Department detail whether any additional interventions are required. It is my intention to secure an interim update at the March meeting of the Dublin Central Area Committee on this matter and when that information is available, I will make sure to share it with Oxmantown Road householders.


Dublin City Council has presented plans to local Councillors at a specially convened by me on Thursday morning last. The 10 new homes are to be located at the top of St. Bricin’s Park, near the permitter wall of existing homes in Montpelier Park. If you would like a copy of the presentation, Councillors received on the proposal, please email me at


The Dublin City Development Plan is the strategic policy framework document that sets out priorities for the city. It includes policies and objectives that will guide the future development of the city over the next six- year period and beyond. Given its importance and our previous engagement in respect of planning issues, I wanted to ensure that you had the opportunity to have your say on the draft Plan before Councillors make further amendments later this year.

All the relevant documentation associated with the draft Development Plan is available at The Development Plan will guide the spatial direction of future development and regeneration in the city in compliance with National & Regional Policy. It also includes Housing Strategy and Retail Strategy and other important topics. It sets out policies on conservation, archaeology, and the protection of the built heritage as well as green infrastructure and recreational amenities in the city, culture, sustainable transport provision, climate action, economic development, and sustainable environmental infrastructure. The Draft Plan includes detailed zoning maps.

This public consultation will run until February 14th next and there will be two ways for you to lodge your submissions. Firstly, online via Secondly, in writing by post, to Development Plan Team, Planning and Property Development, Dublin City Council, Wood Quay, Dublin 8. All submissions or observations, whether made online or by post, must include the full name and address of the person making the submission, a map (where appropriate) and where relevant, details of any body, community group, company or organisation represented. In lodging your views on the new Development Plan, or as it is effectively known, the planning rule book for the city, I would be interested in receiving them too, please email me at Further information on this public consultation is available at


The OPW continues to implement the recommendations of the Phoenix Park Transport and Mobility Options Study published last summer. A recent announcement by the OPW Minister detailed that new safety measures arising from the Post Consultative Report, will commence on Monday 28th February 2022. The following measures will be introduced, including;

  • Implementation of 30kph speed limit throughout the Park.
  • The pilot North Road one way system, in the city direction, to commence on the 28th  February following the closure of this section of the North Road on the 21st February to facilitate line marking, instillation of bollard and directional signage etc.  This pilot study will be for 9 months and will be subject to ongoing review.
  • The pilot cul-de-sac on the Upper Glen Road will also come into effect from the 28th February following the closure of the road from the 21st February to allow for the instillation of bollards, signage and line marking etc. This pilot study will be for 9 months and will be subject to ongoing review.

It should be noted that the instillation of the temporary bollards on Chesterfield Avenue Bike Lane is starting this month. Further specific details including information about Improvements for walking and cycling infrastructure; Parking Issues; the Implementation of 30km/hr Speed Limit; and the review of existing Phoenix Park Bye Laws are available at

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