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Plans for #ArbourHill Rain Garden as part of #GreeningStoneybatter

Earlier this week, officials from the Parks Department of Dublin City Council circulated details of plans for a new Rain Garden in Arbour Hill, from the Greek Orthodox Church to Temple Street West.

You will remember across 2018 and 2019, I secured support from the Transportation Department of the Council to implement a Traffic Scheme in Arbour Hill. New bollards were installed with a protected lane for cyclists and pedestrians along the perimeter wall of Collins’ Barracks. Further works were not advanced due to the need to preserve the cobble setts, the removal of which would cost close to one million euros.

Since the #GreeningStoneybatter strategy was adopted by the City Council and through my role as Chair of the #DublinCentral Area Committee, I have been eager to further advance proposals drawn up locally as part of the Greening Programme. One of those proposals includes the preparation and installation of a Rain Garden along Arbour Hill.

This initiative involves the removal of more than 160m2 of tarmac to daylight soil beneath, allowing for greater permeability and reducing rainwater run-off. The project will provide a number of ecosystem services that meet climate change objectives, creating a green corridor for wildlife, protecting against surface water flooding and reducing heat during periods of urban heat-waves. The aim of this project is to improve the streetscape with a focus on quality, character and safety.

The main inspiration behind this idea comes from London and a similar-type Rain Garden in Sheffield, as outlined below:

A number of concept sketches have been prepared by the Parks Department which include:

At this month’s meeting of the #DublinCentral Area Committee, officials from the Parks Department advised myself and my colleagues, that it envisages beginning on this project in March. I hope to have more specific information on the indicative timeframe for the delivery of this exciting, yet important flooding mitigation project in the Arbour Hill area.

If you have any specific questions or queries arising from the details outlined above and from the leaflet circulated locally, please email me at and I will endeavour to answer those to the best of my ability.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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