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Protect Yourself, Protect Others

Get the #FluVaccine this winter!

As a member of the HSE’s Regional Health Forum, I urge you to get the #FluVaccine this winter.

The #FluVaccine will help protect those most at risk of serious illness from flu. Those who are pregnant or have a certain long term medical condition can get their free vaccine through participating GPs and pharmacies. Furthermore, I would encourage everyone else to get the #FluVaccine through the same channels, or through your workplace if you are a healthcare worker.

This year, the free #FluVaccine is recommended if you are in one of these groups, including:

  • Over 65s
  • Children aged 2 – 17
  • Women at any stage of pregnancy
  • At risk groups, including all healthcare workers

If you are pregnant, you and your baby are at an increased risk of complications from flu. The HSE reiterated to me that pregnant women are more likely to need treatment in hospital or the Intensive Care Unit because of flu. The #FluVaccine can be received at any stage of pregnancy. It is safe and will help protect you and your baby.

Those with certain long-term medical conditions are more at risk of flu-related complications. The HSE is reminding people in at-risk groups that the sooner you get the #FluVaccine, the sooner you will be protected against influenza this flu season. The vaccine takes about two weeks to take full effect and is the best way to prevent influenza.

People can get the #FluVaccine at the same time as other vaccines like the COVID-19, HPV or Whooping Cough vaccines.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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