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#KNOWWHEREYOUSTAND on the Fruit & Veg Market redevelopment

This morning, I took part in a further meeting of the Council’s Advisory Group on the proposed redevelopment of the Fruit and Vegetable Market on Mary’s Lane.

Planning permission for the refurbishment and enhancement of the existing building was granted by Councillors in March 2015. Since then, the City Council has been engaged in an extremely lengthy process relating to trading rights in the market, which have now been resolved. Over the last twelve months, the Council has completed survey and evaluation works as well as a market soundings assessment to better inform the process to select a preferred partner to build and operate the new City Markets on Mary’s Lane.

Today’s meeting examined the indicative tender process and the timeline involved, the provision of Capital investment by Fine Gael in Government through the URDF (Urban Regeneration & Development Fund) process and when it is expected that a formal approval will be required of Councillors.

The key information to take away from this morning’s meeting is the pre-tender documentation or invitation for expressions of interest will be published in the coming weeks. The publication of such a request will, effectively begin the tender process which, I expect, will take up to twelve months to conclude. Final approval to enable works to take place in line with the planning permission granted in 2015 lies with City Councillors and I will work to keep you updated of developments in that respect.

In recent weeks, I have had many queries asking a variety of questions about the Council’s plans to redevelop and the former Fruit and Vegetable Market. So, let me give you some further information about the project.

It is the objective of Dublin City Council for the new market to become a centre for food activity in Dublin.  It will deliver a natural hub for quality food and fresh produce, demonstrating traditional Irish food skills and incubate a platform for specialist food entrepreneurs.  It will aim to showcase the best of Irish and international food in a pioneering model of direct producer selling which is integrated into the local community. Ensuring that the new market proves to be affordable for residents and tourists alike will also be a key component of any potential tender contract. Those of us, as Councillors, who serve on the Advisory Group are committed to ensuring that the new market will provide a platform for new products and community growers in addition to artisan and direct producers.

Another aspect that the Advisory Group of Councillors agreed on is the provision of a Local Employment Charter which would ensure that people from the immediate area would have an opportunity to secure employment during both the construction and operation phases of the project.

Finally, the proposed Public Realm project associated with the redevelopment and refurbishment plans, will take account of the changing uses in the area, its proximity to the north retail core and potential for tourism onward to Collins Barracks.  The survey and evaluation works to inform the Public Realm plan are underway and will include an assessment of movement and reallocation of space to the more vulnerable user, a greening strategy, improvement to the local parks and guidance for private developers, proposals for small spaces and materials palette which take account of the historic fabric of the area.  A multi- disciplinary approach will be taken to drafting a report which will be presented to the Central Area Committee. The report will make recommendation and bring forward site specific recommendation for agreement.

Do get in touch with me if you have any questions or queries arising from the details outlined above. Email me at and I’ll endeavour to provide answers to your enquiries to the best of my ability.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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