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Grangegorman #TrafficMatters – July 2021


While I know not everyone supports the filtered permeability scheme at the lower end of Rathdown Road, I wanted to update you on the works set to take place next week, which will give effect to the decision in January to retain the initiative. In short, Dublin City Council’s Transportation Department have finalised a programme of works with the contractor, Cairns that will see:

  • The installation of concrete buildouts with planting,
  • The resurfacing of the roadway,
  • The installation of new road markings and signage.

These works are scheduled to begin next Monday, July 26th and I have been informed that a detailed informational leaflet will be distributed by Dublin City Council prior to the works beginning. The cost of these works is estimated to be in the region of €150,000.

So, let me show you how the result of the works should look and briefly describe the plan in respect of each area:

Filtered Permeability Location:

Materials to be used:

North of Filtered Permeability Measures:

Permanent Design (24th July 2021)


Southern End:

As Chairman of the Dublin Central Area Committee, I arranged for the Engineers from the Transportation Department to provide the above information to Councillors at a specially convened meeting yesterday morning. I did not want to take any chances in residents not being made aware and being advised of the nature of the works to start on Monday next and to have some visuals of how the permanent measures will look. I was advised this morning by the Engineers that the works due to commence on 26th July will involve the lifting of kerbs up to a standard height. Resurfacing works are expected to commence from August 16th next and the plan is to complete all civil works by September 20th.

Please email me at if you have any specific questions or queries. Equally, if you would like a soft copy of the presentation, email me and I’ll share a copy with you. 

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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