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Clarity secured on Readymix works

Concerned householders have been in touch with me expressing their anxiety about the nature of these works, their purpose, for how long they are to continue and why no prior consultation or notification had been issued by Dublin City Council. Following a lack of sufficient information being provided to me in response to these questions, I sought to have the situation addressed through an Emergency Debate at last Monday night’s City Council meeting. As a result of this action, a full report was furnished to me which I attach below for your information.

If you have any specific questions or queries arising from the details contained in that Report, please email me at and I will endeavour to answer those enquiries on your behalf.

Response to Emergency Motion re Readymix Site – Councillor Ray McAdam

Dublin City Council, June 14th, 2021.

The former Readymix Site, East Wall Road, North Strand, Dublin 3 has been identified for the development of social housing under Bundle 3 of the governments Social Housing PPP Programme.  In recent weeks the team responsible for the development of the associated design has commenced preliminary site investigations in order to develop a design, which can be presented for planning.  These site investigations include, involved a number of surveys of the site including ecological surveys, topographical surveys and geotechnical surveys to allow the design teams to develop the most appropriate design solutions for the site. 

In relation to the specific queries:

For how long and how often will the work be taking place? It is worth noting that prior to the commencement of this current work, other activities have been ongoing on this site over the last few months including at weekends?

The current site works, which are the geotechnical surveys are due to be completed by this Wednesday the 16th of June.

Follow on, minor site works are proposed to be completed at the beginning of July for a duration of approximately 5 days. Once this survey is completed, it is not envisaged that there will be any further site investigation works until a PPP Company is procured for the detailed design and construction stage of the project.

The houses on Leinster Avenue were built in the 1870’s, pre proper foundations. The pile driving is causing vibrations that can be felt through the rear gardens, houses and as far as the other side of the avenue. What plan was put in place prior to the commencement of this work to deal with any damage caused? If this pile driving is causing such vibrations, how bad will it be when the actual building begins?

There is no pile driving currently on site. 

The works that are currently being undertaken are a number of slit trenches and a series of bore holes to establish the location of existing utilities and to undertake a detailed analysis of the ground condition including ascertaining if there is any contaminated material on site.  This will allow for the development of the most appropriate design solution for the site, in conjunction with an appropriate construction stage environmental management plan.  In order to complete the slit trenches and boreholes, the contractor is required to break up specific areas of the existing concrete slab on the site, the contractor is endeavouring to minimise these works where possible.  The contractor has appropriate Project Health and Safety Plan in placer for these works. 

Until the site investigation works are completed and the appropriate engineering analysis is undertaken it is premature to comment on the foundation design for the building and the associated works during the construction stage.  Once these reports are collated, we will provide a further update through the planning process of the likely foundation design and potential works during the construction stage.

If this work is aimed at testing for contamination, what contamination is potentially being released into the immediate vicinity by this work? Bearing in mind that they are pile driving directly behind our houses.

There is no pile driving currently on the site and all samples are being taken in accordance with best environmental practise. 

Just to note, it is likely that if there is any contamination present within the site, it may be located within the existing building structures and these building will be subject to a separate non-destructive structural and environmental survey in due course.

The lack of consultation with the residents prior to commencing this type of intrusive work is deeply concerning and does not bode well for future interaction in relation to this site.

The project team will ensure appropriate communication with the elected representatives, local residents and the Local DCC Area Office in Sean McDermott Street for all future works and throughout the planning process. 

The project team notes that the works were preliminary site investigations in order to develop a design, which can be presented for planning and to ensure that appropriate and accurate information could be shared during the public consultation process, the team acknowledges that some of the works required to prepare the area and in particular, the need to break up specific areas of the existing concrete slab on the site were more extensive than originally envisaged.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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  1. The response regarding the building foundations seems to misunderstand the question, and leading off with “there is no pile driving” fails to address the concerns of whoever asked that *something* is causing vibrations.

    Perhaps you could seek a clarification on this.

    (I’m not directly resident in the Leinster Avenue area but would like to see this space developed as it’s been sitting idle for a very, very long time.)


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