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January 2021 Update on the Implementation of Proposed Cycling Projects

This report focuses on the progress of cycleway projects that have statutory planning approval; two interim schemes and cycle parking. This is in line with the resources that are currently in place.

During the month of December 2020 there was progress made on tenders for three projects, i.e., the Clontarf to City Centre scheme, the Liffey Cycle Route, and the Dodder Greenway Route. Planning for 2021 works on cycleway projects is continuing in-line with the Programme for Government, and the Environment and Transport Department’s proposals under the Capital Programme 2021 to 2023.

Dublin City Council is awaiting approval for an overall framework for the delivery of cycleway projects under the Capital Programme 2021 to 2023 by both the Department of Transport and the NTA. Therefore, in this regard the position is unchanged from last month’s report. The Clontarf to City Centre Scheme achieved a significant milestone in December with the issuing of tenders. The interim Liffey Cycle Route continues to progress and Dublin City Council received tenders for works on the South Quays as part of this Route. The on-street cycle parking installations were paused in December in-line with the requirements for ‘Open City’.
The installation of on-street cycle parking will resume in January 2021.

Cycle Network Expansion Programme
There is no further up-date at this stage from that provided in last month’s report to Councillors, Dublin City Council is awaiting approval on the framework for delivering cycle projects in response to the Programme for Government. Approval is required from both the Department of Transport and the National Transport Authority. The cycle network map associated with this Capital Programme is being finalised.

Schemes with Statutory Planning Approval
There are four projects with Statutory Planning consent. These are;

  1. Royal Canal Greenway
  2. Dodder Greenway
  3. Clontarf to City Centre
  4. The Point Junction Improvement Scheme

Royal Canal Greenway
The Royal Canal Greenway is being delivered in four phases.
Phase 2: As reported in last month’s report, tree planting along the linear
park is planned for January 2021, and 100 trees will be planted in the linear park.
Phase 3: Members of the Central Area Committee were updated on the
scheme proposals on the 9th December 2020. It is planned to finalise the detailed
design in January 2021.
Phase 4: The construction of a contraflow bus lane at Broombridge and
the upgrade of public lighting from Bannow Road to Ballybogan Road has been
completed ahead of schedule. The contraflow bus lane was commissioned on
the 30th November 2020. The target date for the issuing of construction tender
documents for the mainline works is January 2021, as reported in the previous
reports. The option selection for the upgrade of the underpass at Liffey Junction
will be finalised in January 2021, in consultation with Irish Rail.

Dodder Greenway (Herbert Park to Donnybrook)
Tenders for the construction stage were assessed in December 2020. Dublin City
Council has identified the preferred tenderer. As a result, it is planned to award the
construction contract in January 2021, with construction starting in February 2021. It
is anticipated that the Dodder Greenway consultative committee will meet in the New

Clontarf to City Centre
Dublin City Council issued tenders for a contractor for the Clontarf to City Centre
Project in December 2020. It is estimated that the tender process will take 3 months
to complete with a preferred tenderer identified in April of 2021. Construction is
planned to commence in July 2021, with an expected construction duration of between 18 to 21 months. Traffic diversions will be required to facilitate the construction works, which include significant public realm upgrades. It is likely that inbound general traffic will be diverted away from the works, and that three traffic lanes will be maintained through the route, prioritising public transport movement during the construction phase. Consultation with stakeholders, including residents and businesses along the route, and representatives for people with disabilities will commence in January 2021.

The Point Junction Improvement Scheme
This is as reported last month, and at present there is no change in its status.

Interim Schemes
The implementation of two interim schemes to facilitate immediate safety improvements for cyclists is ongoing. This is to compensate for delays in the delivery of the main schemes.
These are: Liffey Cycle Route and the Fitzwilliam Cycle Route.

Liffey Cycle Route
The design of the interim scheme on the section of the South Quays from Grattan
(Capel Street) Bridge to Frank Sherwin Bridge (Heuston Station) is now complete.
Preferred tenders for alterations to two junctions on the South Quays were selected in December 2020. The detailed design on the North Quays from O’Connell Bridge to Matt Talbot Memorial Bridge is underway. The design for the South Quays from Matt Talbot Memorial Bridge to O’Connell Bridge commenced in December 2020. The interim scheme remains on schedule to be fully implemented by March 2021, as
reported in October 2020. For the full permanent scheme, Dublin City Council has appointed services providers to provide the baseline archaeology, architectural heritage and conservation reports. Work is underway and the reports will be finalised in January 2021. This will be followed by the finalisation of the public realm and opportunities study. It is anticipated that this report will be concluded in quarter- one of 2021.

Fitzwilliam Street Cycle Route
In order to finalise the design of the permanent scheme, cellar surveys were started in November 2020. Dublin City Council has received representations to provide
enhanced greening along the route as part of the permanent scheme. This is being
assessed and an update will be provided in a later report. The contract for ground investigations at junctions, to facilitate the replacement of a section of water-mains, was awarded in December 2020. Works will commence in January 2021.

On street Cycle Parking
During December 2020, 26 cycle stands were installed at 5 locations. The reduced progress of these works was due to ‘Open City’. The 2020 Capital Programme envisages the installation of 1,000 Sheffield stands (2,000 on-street cycle parking spaces) per year. Under the 2020 Programme, contracts for the installation of 691 stands at 138 locations have been awarded. The contract award process for the next batch of installations is in progress, bringing the anticipated installations to 817 stands, at 168 locations. The programme for 2020 has been divided into four batches as follows:
Batch 13: 298 stands planned at 52 locations – 293 installed at 51 locations. Frederick Street (5 stands) can’t be done till January 2021 due to Open City. There was resurfacing on the street.
Batch 14: 216 stands planned at 48 locations – All locations are complete.
Batch 15: 185 stands at 42 locations – All locations are complete. (3 cargo bike stands were installed in St Stephens Green South and 1 in Manor Place).
Batch 16: 117 stands at 26 locations – 26 stands were installed at 5 locations.
Batch 17: Desk surveys commenced at the start of October 2020. It is intended to tender for installations in January 2021 (150 – 200 stands)

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