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Update on HSE Winter Action Plan and the #NorthInnerCity

At the November meeting of the HSE Regional Health Forum earlier this week, I secured an update on the specific actions that form part of the HSE’s Winter Action Plan and what it means for the communities of the North Inner City.

The key objectives to be delivered between now and April, include:

Specific measures that are being actioned as part of the Winter Action Plan, include:

• Funding has been received to increase St Mary’s Hospital rehabilitation beds from 48 to 96. Phase 1 will allow 16 beds to open by early December 2020, with the remaining beds to be open by December 31st next. Additional nursing posts are being advertised currently which will be filled in the coming days to enable these extra beds to be utilized.

Increased funding for Clontarf Hospital. This will facilitate more intensive and complex rehabilitation until 30th April 2020. It will also provide enhanced options to the three acute hospitals in our area, i.e. Mater, Beaumont and Connolly Hospitals to assist with patient flow.

Significant increase in the number of Home Support Hours. At present, there is no waiting list for Community Home Support within the North Inner City. If a family member needs Home Support, please get in touch with me.

• The Rapid Access Clinic in Smithfield has been extended to accept referrals from local GPs.

• Direct access to Diagnostics for General Practitioners is available again this year. The scheme is available currently for GP and Doctor Visit only card holders and will be available to all patients with effect from mid-December 2020 until end of February 2021. This includes access to MRI, Ultrasound, CT, X-Ray and Dexxa Scanning.

Expanded opening hours for the D-Doc (GP Out of Hours Service) over the Christmas and New Year period. I expect to have further specific details prior to Christmas.

• Extra funding is now in place to provide the supports and aids to ensure the early discharge of patients from the Mater Hospital.

Two permanent Covid Community Testing Centres will remain in situ at the National Show Centre, Cloghran and the Handball Centre at Croke Villas.

65 new beds are in place in the Mater Hospital to address any increased demand over the winter period.

• An expanded dialysis service will be provided in the Mater Hospital, which will help support those with long term Covid needs.

If you or a loved one, requires any assistance in dealing with the HSE in terms of a Medical Card or GP Visit Card, engagement with hospital services or any other health-related query, please get in touch with me. I will use my role as a member of the HSE Regional Health Forum for the North Inner City to provide whatever assistance or aid you or your family requires.

You can email or text me at:
Text: 086 847 1720

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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