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Update on planned redevelopment of O’Devaney Gardens – October 2020.

Yesterday, I attended a briefing on the proposed redevelopment of O’Devaney Gardens. As a Chair of the O’Devaney Gardens Community Consultative Forum, I was joined by other Councillors, Dublin City Council Project Team and personnel from Bartra Capital who have been involved in the process to date.

Like many other aspects of society, advancing this project has been delayed by Covid. It was expected that a planning application would be submitted to An Bord Pleanala by April. Unfortunately, it is now expected that an application will be lodged by February or March 2021. While we are still five to six months away from a formal application being finalised and local consultation taking place, there are some areas of the proposed redevelopment that I can provide an update on.

Firstly, the total number of homes (at this point) to be constructed on site is 1110. This figure is arrived at by adding the 56 homes currently being built after funding was provided by Fine Gael Governments to the 1053 units that Bartra Capital are hoping to build as part of the Development Agreement agreed with Dublin City Council. As you know, the Development Agreement provides for 50% of the homes to be owner-occupier, 30% Public Housing through Dublin City Council and the remaining 20% Affordable, a mix of affordable rental and purchase. I understand that the Minister for Housing intends to publish details of both schemes before the end of this year. Therefore, at this point in time, the number of homes to be provided equates to:

  • Owner-occupier:            555
  • Public Housing:              335
  • Affordable Housing:       222

This may yet change, as Bartra and Dublin City Council are only scheduled to meet An Bord Pleanala as part of the planning process on October 28th next. One thing I can confirm, contrary to misleading information shared locally, that the increase in the number of homes to be developed, is not exclusively private houses. The near 300 increase will be delivered in line with the Development Agreement adopted by Council of 50%:30%;20%.

Secondly, at present, it is envisaged that building heights in the redevelopment will range between 1-3 storeys for homes along the perimeter of the site and for those buildings in the heart of the lands will range between 4-5 storeys up to 12 storeys in two stand-out buildings nearest St. Bricin’s Military Hospital.

Thirdly, the plans being prepared by Bartra and Dublin City Council will see a range of homes being delivered, including:

  • 3-bedroom Houses
  • 3-bedroom Duplexes
  • 1 / 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

I understand that, in line with current Dublin City Council housing needs, it is proposed that the redevelopment will see a mix of:

  • 31% 1-bedroom homes.
  • 56% 2-bedroom homes.
  • 13% 3-bedroom homes.

In total, 10 separate building blocks are planned, which includes the development work being undertaken in Phase 1 by the City Council itself.

I hope you find this information useful but if you have any questions or queries about the details outlined above, please get in touch with me by email at I remain the only local Councillor fully committed to seeing much needed homes built on the O’Devaney Gardens lands. Homes that will be affordable, both to buy and rent. Homes that will be provided to applicants on Dublin City Council’s Housnig List. Homes that will be available for purchase for those wanting to buy their home and eager to remain living in Dublin 7.

There will be a need for much consultation and discussion about this application when it is further developed and ready for submitting to An Bord Pleanala. I have always said that the redevelopment of O’Devaney must not and cannot occur in isolation from the rest of Stoneybatter and vice versa. Sharing this update, is an effort, to begin that meaningful conversation in advance of the formal planning application being submitted.

I look forward to hearing from you and securing your feedback.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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