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Reviewing Dublin’s Planning Rule-book

Preparing a new Development Plan for Dublin City.

Every six years, Dublin City Councillors adopt a new Development Plan which sets out the rules upon which development is permitted across the city. This Development Plan, in effect, the planning rule book, sets out policies and objectives to guide how and where building and development can take place across the city.

The existing Development Plan came into effect in late 2016. It provides an integrated, coherent spatial framework to ensure the city is developed in an inclusive way which improves the quality of life for its citizens, whilst also being a more attractive place to visit and work.

As Chair of the Council’s Planning & Urban Form Strategic Policy Committee (SPC), I have been working with Councillors and stakeholders to prepare initial or background documents that will form the basis of an Issues Paper which effectively starts the review of the Development Plan.

Earlier this week, the Planning & Urban Form SPC agreed the timeline for the review of the Development Plan and the preparation of a new Development Plan in 2022. The review process will begin in mid-December 2020 and the making of a new Plan will include 4 key stages:

1. Pre Draft

2. Draft

3. Submissions

4. Material Amendments

This is a statutory process, meaning that when the Issues Paper and initial consultation document is published by Council, the stop clock begins. All in all, the entire review and preparation process takes 99 weeks, so we will have a new Dublin City Development Plan by December 2022.

Between now and then, as Chair of the Planning & Urban Form SPC, I will be arranging for workshops to examine in greater detail the headline issues which will be central to the next Development Plan. As part of this, I would welcome your views, ideas and suggestions as to how the City Council can ensure we adopt the most effective Development Plan possible with regards:

⁃ Reducing our carbon footprint while creating a green and competitive city

⁃ Implementing the National Planning Framework and Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy.

⁃ Balancing the need for compact growth with the need to protect amenities.

⁃ Delivering high quality mixed use new neighbourhoods in key growth areas.

⁃ Housing supply – public, affordable and market provided.

⁃ Regeneration of key communities.

⁃ Community & Culture.

⁃ Employment & Retail.

⁃ Planning for a post Covid environment.

⁃ Movement, Urban Form and Public Realm – achieving quality public spaces.

⁃ Protecting the world class heritage of the city.

⁃ Supporting and expanding green infrastructure and biodiversity in the city.

Please share with me your thoughts and views by emailing me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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