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Information for Council tenants re Rents.

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Since the outbreak of Covid-19 has resulted in too many people suddenly being made redundant and out of work. This has caused concern for many Council tenants about their rent and making sure they are being assessed correctly and are paying the right amount.


I can assure you that Dublin City Council will take a flexible and tolerant approach to tenants experiencing a reduction on income during this period and it ill re-assess rent levels as soon as officials get the basic detail/information from you. The full re-assessment can be done later.


In order to secure that certainty, I asked Dublin City Council to prepare a leaflet detailing what steps you need to take if you or a member of your household is unexpectantly made unemployed during this time of national emergency.


How is my rent calculated?
Your rent is calculated under the current Differential Rent Scheme. The rent is based on the weekly income of your household – this means that the amount of rent you pay depends on your total household income. For example if your income goes up your rent goes up and if your income goes down then your rent goes down. See


How can I pay my rent?

  • Household Budget through An Post
  • Bill pay using a rent payment card
  • Weekly Direct Debit payments
  • By phone on 01 222 2222 or at our Customer Services Centre
  • Online


What if there is a change in my household income?
If you have become unemployed or put on reduced hours you should post copies of income details to our office i.e. P60’s, payslips, Department of Social Protection payslips etc. for all people in your home. We will then change your rent assessment as soon as possible. If there is a delay in our response a good ‘’rule of thumb’’ is that the new rent will be roughly 15% of household income and you should pay this.


What should I do if have arrears on my rent?
Contact us immediately. A repayment plan will be agreed between you and the City Council to work out weekly repayments to include rent and arrears.
For further advice on managing money and debt, contact the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) at or 1890 283 438.


Contact Us:
Housing Rents Section
Phone: 1800 679555 / 01 222 2211


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