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On recommendation of the Budget Sub-Group a further round of projects was approved by the Programme Implementation Board at its meeting held on 27th March 2019. This brings the total 2019 funding allocation to date to €4,928,614 (of €6.5M). The full list of approved projects / programmes is set out on Appendix A.

The latest round of funded proposals, totaling €125,664, are as follows:

  • BITCI (Business in the Community Ireland) Summer Work Placement Programme €9,363 – Management and co-ordination of 20 paid summer work placement positions for NEIC Leaving Cert students.
  • Fighting Words CLG – €5,000 (Co funding) to provide provides free tutoring, mentoring and publishing in creative writing for children, young adults and adults with additional needs. The target is to work with an extra 1,000 children from the north east inner city and to recruit more locally based volunteer tutors.
  • St. Louise’s Day Nursery, North William Street – €6,636 Investment in Baby Room to enable participation in the DCYA NEIC Pilot Childcare initiative for Children Under 24 Month
  • Jigsaw (National Centre for Youth Mental Health) – €50,000 Fit out costs for new premises at Summerhill.
  • The Oasis Centre, St. Laurence Place East – €54,665 Interim funding for appointment of General Manager pending funding of this post by HSE in 2020.

In addition to above it has been requested by Sub-Group 3 (Creating an integrated system of social services) that an allocation of €705,000 be set aside for further projects emanating from Sub Group 3 on the understanding that more detailed proposals will be put forward for consideration by the Budget Sub Group and by the PIB.

Additional Garda resources for Liberty Park / Railway St. and environs

As reported to the March meeting, policing of Liberty Park and environs has been identified by Sub Group 1 (Tackling Crime and Drugs) as a strategic priority for 2019 and a funding proposal in this regard has been approved by the Programme Implementation Board in the sum of €370,000.

Despite some previous interventions the area continues to create significant policing challenges and has generated much negative commentary. In order to address these challenges, Sub Group 1 believes a constant policing presence in this area is necessary to counteract drug dealing and anti-social behaviour. It is estimated that the cost of providing a daily visible uniformed policing presence of two members of An Garda Síochána is €370,000 for the remainder of this year 2019. These monies will be ring-fenced for this specific Operation and a robust monitoring system will be put in place by An Garda Siochána. The new arrangements will be put in place in the immediate term.

Stop open drug dealing in Liberty Park !

The enhanced policing arrangements at Liberty Park will co-incide with the initiation of a specific project which has emerged from the NEIC Executive Leadership Course which took place in University of Limerick in late 2018/early 2019. The project proposes a focused multi-agency approach to tackling the open drug dealing and knock-on negative impacts on the quality of life for local residents and loss of amenity value of the park itself. It envisages a number of Governance & Policy, Place Based and Behavioral & Cultural solutions. The implementation of this is currently being costed and will be brought to the NEIC Board for approval.

Drugs Related Intimidation (DRI)

Arising from the recommendations of the Drugs Related Intimidation conference ‘Lives Without Fear – What Works’, which took place on the 18th June 2018 in Croke Park, the Programme Implementation Board has approved the appointment of a dedicated resource to focus on a clear action plan to tackle drugs related intimidation in the North East Inner City. The project was the subject a tender process publicly advertised with a closing date of 15th March 2019. No submissions were received, however there were some expressions of interest seeking an extension of time for submissions and this was agreed. The revised closing date is 18th April 2019.



Following approval of €100,000 funding the 2019 NEIC Community Grants Scheme (Round 1) is now open for applications and is being promoted across the Community Development sector. As in 2018, in order to facilitate seasonal proposals, the Scheme is being run in two rounds Round 1 Spring/Summer with a closing date of Tuesday 30th April 2019 and Autumn/Winter to be advertised in Sept. The purpose of the Scheme is to financially support North East Inner City communities in delivering their own projects locally to benefit the defined NEIC area. Priority will be given to applicants that can be linked to delivery of actions and recommendations contained in the Mulvey Report. For the 2019 Scheme it has been agreed to focus on two priority themes i.e.

Theme 1. Environmental awareness and improvement

Theme 2. Active Living, Recreation and Wellbeing

Both themes are relevant for both Rounds 1 & 2. The Guidelines and application forms are available via or by contacting the Programme Office

NEIC Social Media Strategy

The Programme Office, working with Together Digital, is currently implementing a social media strategy in an effort to raise the profile of the NEIC including promoting community and sporting events, opportunities in training and education, and the wide range of new initiatives and supports. Recognising the importance of communications and outreach, the Programme Office hopes to focus on the many positive aspects of this area and it’s strong and vibrant community.

Sean Mac Dermott St. Swimming Pool

With the support of NEIC funding, the 9 month partnership agreement between Dublin City Council and Swim Ireland to extend the public opening hours of Sean MacDermott St. Swimming Pool has been underway since mid-August. The agreement is now in its final three months (concluding in mid May). The partnership arrangement facilitates the opening of the pool 7 days a week with Swim Ireland providing public swimming, classes and other family water activities on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Dublin City Council continues to accommodate a range of local schools, clubs and community groups Tues. – Fri.

The 6 month review of the partnership arrangement has seen a falloff in total user numbers from 2844 in the first 3 months to 1993 (-851) in the period Dec. – Feb., however other statistics have improved with 56 children currently in learn to swim lessons (up from 33) and an average of 40 adult users p/week (up from 33). A further round of promotional activity is now underway for the final three months of the trial period. In the meantime, discussions will continue between Dublin City Council, NEIC and Swim Irl. regarding the future beyond the trial period.

NEIC Sports & Wellbeing Programme 2019

A sum of €170,000 is allocated for the 2019 Sports & Recreation Programme. A comprehensive report on the current status of delivery of this Programme is attached at Appenix 2.

Measuring the Impact of the North East Inner City Initiative

Following the appointment of Just Economics Research Ltd. Phase 1 of measuring the impact of the NEIC Initiative is underway. This phase will involve conducting workshops to develop cost-effective evaluation methodologies that are practical to implement and accessible to stakeholders. The first workshop took place on Tuesday 2nd April. Just Economics will present their report by mid Q2 and this report will form the basis for the research phase which will be tendered separately in 2019. It is anticipated that the evaluation project will be completed in Q4 2019.

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