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Residents have been in touch with me to express their anger at the ongoing problem with illegal dumping in the two raised beds at the entrance to Montpelier Drive, and two inside, as well as a small, grass roundabout. Some neighbours spoke to me about the situation when I was in the estate last month and following contact on social media and by email in recent days, I have been working with City Council officials to secure commitments that these areas be cleaned, dumped materials removed and that a plan be implemented to better utilise these public spaces.

Therefore, I can report to you that:
1. The raised areas at the entrance to Montpelier Drive adjoining private property are in the ownership of Dublin City Council and officials have confirmed that materials dumped in them will be removed ASAP.
2. I have worked with officials, despite the Sinn Fein-controlled Council cutting the Budget for new litter bins, enforcement of waste regulations and funding for Litter Wardens, to set aside some money towards Environmental Improvement Works on publicly owned lands like the four areas within Montpelier Drive. I expect that funding of at least €30,000 will be agreed for such a scheme. As your LOCAL Councillor, I will work to secure money that can be used to have these areas properly planted with appropriate shrubs/flowers, and for these to be maintained, to discourage the illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping is the worst form of anti-social behaviour and I believe the best way of tackling this scourge is to enhance Council owned lands like those in Montpelier Drive but also to install CCTV in areas where littering and dumping is occurring and to use the images captured to publicly name and shame those people responsible. More CCTV is required and I am working with City Council to put in place those cameras.

The Access to Apprenticeship Programme is aimed at young men and women aged 16 to 24 living in Dublin who experience social and economic barriers. The Programme provides an opportunity for young people to;
• Sample a range of apprenticeships in; Construction, Engineering, Electrical, Motor and Aviation industries
• Prepare their CV and interview skill
• Undertake two weeks work experience
• Health & Safety and Safe Pass Certificate
• It is a 12 week full time course commencing in April 2019.
The purpose of the programme is to progress young people into apprenticeships. The closing date for applications is Friday the 8th of March 2019 at 1p.m. I strongly recommend starting the application as soon as possible as it could take some time to get the required documentation together. Once applications are completed please send them to;
• Therese Fitzgerald, Programme Officer Access to Apprenticeship, TU Dublin Bolton St (Formerly DIT Bolton St), Dublin 1, D01 K822.

For anyone interested in future intakes you can register your interest by following this link:
If you have any queries re the Access to Apprenticeship Programme or the application form please contact or ring (089) 219 3691.

Dublin City Council will begin work in April on the Arbour Hill Traffic Improvement Scheme. Local residents have enquired of me as to what is involved in this project. Therefore, I have put together a simple Questions & Answers guide detailing all aspects of this project. The key objective is to reduce traffic speeds on Arbour Hill and thereby improve pedestrian, cyclist and road safety for all.


1. Will the footpath extend along Temple Street West?
Yes. The footpath will extend from the Museum entrance on Arbour Hill to Temple Street West and tie-in with the existing footpath.

2. Will there be some form of pedestrian crossing linking the north and south sides of Arbour Hill?
Yes. An uncontrolled pedestrian crossing will be installed near the Arbour Hill / Cavalry Row junction to facilitate north to south pedestrian movements.

In addition, a buildout will be installed on north side of Arbour Hill at the existing pedestrian crossing point near the Museum Entrance. This will slow traffic and reduce the distance pedestrians need to cross the road.

3. How wide will the footpath be?
The footpath will be a minimum of 1.8 meters wide. According to the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (DMURS), this is the minimum recommended footpath width for two wheelchairs to pass by each other.

4. Will there be cycle lanes?
Yes. There will be advisory cycle lanes on both sides of the road.

5. What types of trees will be planted?
Dublin City Council’s Parks Department will select the most suitable tree species depending on their suitability to setting, biodiversity value and visual appearance.

6. Will the existing cobblestones be retained?
The existing cobblestones have been incorporated into the detailed design and are likely to be retained in their current position.

7. Other traffic issues were raised, how and when will they be addressed?
The other traffic issues that were highlighted but not related to the scheme have been forwarded to the Traffic Advisory Group, which will present recommendations on each to the North Inner City Area Committee across the coming weeks.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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