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Stoneybatter Matters – Autumn 2017


Following the very unsatisfactory manner in how Dublin City Council advanced a variety of options for the delivery of the Liffey Cycle Route, the National Transport Authority has directed the Council to suspend all works on the project. The National Transport Authority has now indicated that an Independent Third Party will undertake a review of the entire project and the various proposals that have published with regards how the Liffey Cycle Route can be delivered. Over the past twelve months, I have reiterated my opposition to Option 7 given the potential impact this proposal would have on Stoneybatter, Infirmary Road, Arbour Hill, Smithfield and the wider north-west inner city. No timeline has been provided by the National Transport Authority for the completion of this independent review but as Chairman of the North Inner City Area Committee, I will be seeking a firm commitment from the National Transport Authority that the local community will be afforded the opportunity to input directly into this review. With that in mind, I have invited the Save our Streets Campaign to speak at the North Inner City Area Committee meeting in City Hall on October 10th next to begin that process.


Stoneybatter enjoyed great success at the local and city-wide Neighbourhood Awards recently. Among the local winners were IUNVA, Infirmary Road & District Environmental & Community Group, Stoneybatter Pride of Place, Gerard Scully, Manor Street/Stoneybatter Residents & Traders’ Association, St. Gabriel’s National School, Kirwan Street and Kirwan Street Cottages and Bi Urban. These winners went on represent the North Inner City at the City Neighbourhood Awards in Croke Park last week where Stoneybatter had another successful evening, where:

  • Pride of Place was the Joint Winner of the Team Dublin Clean-up.
  • Manor Street and Stoneybatter Residents & Business Association came 2nd for the Best Urban Village.
  • Kirwan Street & Cottages Residents Association were 2nd in the Under 150 Dwellings Category.
  • Infirmary Road & District Environmental and Community Group finished 3rd in the Over 150 Dwellings Category.
  • Gerard Scully, Ashford Cottages deservedly won 2nd place in the Individual Endeavour Category.

Congratulations to everyone involved and to each of the winners and for the huge work you do to further enhance your own ‘little patch’!



Aiken Promotions has formally lodged an application with Dublin City Council to secure an Event Licence to enable the Ed Sheeran concerts in the Phoenix Park to take place next summer. The three concerts are take place on Wednesday 16th, Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May 2018. Aiken Promotions, in their application, have sought permission to begin setting up the concert area within the Phoenix Park from April 26th next. Construction works will be completed between 8am and 10pm daily, with the exception of concert days when it is intended for works to continue until 1am. The formal Event Licence application was lodged with the City Council on Tuesday, September 26th last. Stoneybatter residents and other interested stakeholders will have the opportunity to view the application as well as to lodge observations and submissions with the Council by Tuesday, October 17th next. All observations should be submitted in writing to: Event Licencing Section, Planning Department, Block 4, Floor 2, Civic Offices Wood Quay, Dublin 8 or alternatively to the following email addresses ,



The Public Domain Unit of Dublin City Council has been removing incidents of graffiti from various buildings and locations across Stoneybatter in recent weeks. The Council’s Corporate Contractor and its own Waste Management Services have removed graffiti along Kirwan Street, Palatine Square, Kirwan Street Cottages and Arbour Hill. If there are items of graffiti on your street or avenue, please contact me at and I will arrange for its removal.



Dublin City Council Approach:

As Halloween approaches, the Public Domain Office of Dublin City Council will direct Litter Wardens to visit tyre retail premises to ensure that tyres are properly disposed. Furthermore, litter wardens will seek to ensure that premises reduce waste tyre stock in. Litter wardens will also contact Market businesses regarding the storage of pallets within markets located across the North Inner City. Environmental Services officers will also monitor and inspect sites or properties that have ‘traditionally’ been used as storage areas for tyres and pallets. If you come across any materials for bonfires being stored nearby, please contact either myself or the Public Domain Officer at 1800 248 348 or

Garda Operation Tombola:

An Garda Siochana’s operation to police the Halloween period has kicked into effect. The approach undertaken by the Gardai centres on:

  • Deploying hi-visibility patrols throughout the North Inner City to tackle any anti-social behaviour, or other criminal behaviour.
  • Deploying an overt Public Order Unit capability on Halloween night across the North Inner City.
  • Establishing a liaison with City Council Area Managers and other agencies to ensure there is a co-ordinated approach to help reduce the availability and prevent the use of tyres as combustible material.
  • Intelligence led operations to prevent and detect the organised importation for the sale of fireworks, between now and Halloween.
  • Auditing areas across the North Inner City for skips and ensure that all skips are removed or properly secured to prevent the contents being set alight.

These plans are designed to ensure public safety and an environment conducive to the public’s enjoyment of this holiday period.



The Dublin City Council Community Grant Scheme is now open for applications. The closing date is the 27th October 2017. All applicants for the 2017 scheme will be sent an application form for next year’s scheme. ALL APPLICATIONS should be returned to: Community and Social Development, Block 3, Floor 1, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8. More information can be accessed through or by contacting the Community & Social Section of the Council at Tel:2222148or by email at



Earlier this summer, Bartra Real Estate Ltd lodged an application with Dublin City Council seeking planning permission for the redevelopment of the vacant site on Stoneybatter, next to Lloyds Pharmacy. The application was submitted on July 28th and the proposed development included plans for the construction of a seven storey/ four storey building consisting of 23 apartments. The breakdown of new homes will be 6x 1 bedroom units, 14x 2 bedroom units and 3x 3 bedroom units. Balconies will be provided on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth floor levels. Twenty-four bicycle spaces are also proposed within the application and facilities including a communal open space, play space and other development works. Eleven observations were lodged with the Planning Department which resulted in Additional Information being sought off the applicant in respect of five separate areas, including:

  1. The Council has ‘serious concern’ over the proposed height, scale and massing of the proposed development.
  2. Further ‘concerns’ were raised by the Planning Department regarding potential over-looking and loss of privacy.
  3. The site, in question, is zoned Z3 which seeks to provide for and improve neighbourhood facilities.
  4. Provide extra information about the proposed boundary treatment.
  5. Extra details about the proposed render finish and long-term maintenance concerns.

The applicant will now have, up to six months, to lodge that additional information with Dublin City Council. Residents who have already lodged an observation on the original plans will have an opportunity to submit further views and opinions on the extra documentation requested by the Council. I will work to keep you updated of further developments in respect of this planning application.



  • The City Council has appointed a contractor to complete Phase III of the St. Bricin’s Court refurbishment works. Unacceptable delays have occurred with the completion of Phase II which the Council is endeavouring to resolve as best it can.
  • A Contractor for the construction of the first 56 homes in O’Devaney Gardens will now be agreed by early January with works to begin by the end of March at the latest. Further meetings of the Consultative Forum, which I co-chair have been taking place.
  • The request for Pay & Display and Permit Parking to be introduced on Arklow Street was defeated in a ballot of residents.
  • I have asked Dublin City Council to examine the potential for a Bicycle Hangar system to be trialled in Stoneybatter. Such a system would allow for between 10 and 15 bicycles to be parked in such a hangar. When the Council has completed its assessment work, I will update you further.
  • Despite this year’s weed spraying programme being more effective than last year’s, it did not take place until very late in the spring. Therefore, I have asked the City Council to consider carrying out an earlier round of spraying across March or April. Again, when a final decision is taken, I’ll let you know the outcome.
  • As Chairman of the Dublin Central Policing District, I have been liaising with the Assistant Garda Commissioner for Dublin to secure further Garda transport for the Division. I am pleased to report that a new Garda Public Order Van for the Bridewell will be in place across the coming weeks to further compliment the proactive policing by local officers.
  • Tuath Housing Association has lodged an application to redevelop the Ellis Court on Benburb Street in order to build 22 new homes. The public consultation aspect of the planning process will conclude on October 23rd next.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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