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Expansion of CCTV in North-East Inner City 

As Chairman of the Dublin Central Policing District, I have been working with the Gardai and the Government’s Taskforce Implementation Board to ensure that commitments to widen the roll-out of CCTV in the north-east inner city is delivered. €300,000 has been allocated by the Implementation Board to enable the expansion of the CCTV scheme. 

I am happy to announce that a number of potential locations have now been identified in the Store Street and Mountjoy Districts by the Gardai. Some preparatory work is currently ongoing and it is recommended that a further 12 cameras are installed, 5 in the Store Street District and 7 in the Mountjoy District (maps attached), listed below: 

Mountjoy District 

1. Junction of Summerhill and Gardiner St. 

2. Junction of Glouster Diamond and Sean Mc Dermott St. (cover Corporation St.) 

3. Rutland St. Preference would be half way up (near Bella St.)  

4. Junction of Sean Mc Dermott St. and Killarney St. 

5. Five lamps to cover Portland Row 

6. Junction of NCR and Summerhill (Near the Brendan Behan pub)  

7. Top of Buckingham St. and Summerhill   


Store Street District 

1. Amiens Street / Buckingham Street Lower Junction 

2. Railway Street / James Joyce Street Junction 

3. Seville Place / Oriel Street Junction 

4. Sheriff Street / Seville Place Junction  

5. Commons Street / Sheriff Street Junction  
It is intended that an application for approval of the scheme extension will be made to the Garda Commissioner (Garda CCTV Advisory Board) under HQ Directive 24/2008. A requirement of this directive and application is a written approval from the Local Authority following consultation with the Joint Policing Committee of the CCTV scheme.  

It is my intention to seek the support of my Council colleagues to ensure that this proposal is advanced as quickly as possible. 

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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