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St. Michan’s House Matters – Summer Update 


Minister Paschal Donohoe and I have met with the St. Michan’s House Residents’ Association on a number of occasions across the past number months. We have working together to address issues of concern to St. Michan’s House residents. These discussions has resulted in the entire complex being repainted, work, I know, that has been welcomed. The City Council accepts that the condition of the surface within St. Michan’s House is unacceptable and that repairs are necessary. Minister Donohoe and I will seek to ensure that those repairs take place as quickly as possible. In addition to this, we are liaising with Dublin City Council towards securing an upgrade on the CCTV within St. Michan’s House to ensure that residents are more secure as well as identifying people involved with anti-social and criminal behaviour. Both myself and Minister Donohoe will continue to work with the St. Michan’s House Residents’ Association and individual households to support your community in whatever way we can.


Dublin City Council in partnership with our Fine Gael Government is working to advance a number of housing projects across the North Inner City and the Church Street district, in particular. With regards to the redevelopment of the ‘Park’ land at the top of Beresford Street along North King Street, Dublin City Council expects to begin the tendering process to select a contractor which should see works start before the end of this year to build 30 new homes. The redevelopment will be named Sean Foster Court. Túath Housing is expected to shortly lodge a planning application with the Planning Department of Dublin City Council to provide 22 new homes in Eillis Court. NOVAS Approved Housing Body is also working with the City Council to provide 8 new homes on Bolton Street. Further updates will be expected on this throughout the rest of 2017. Co-operative Housing Ireland secured planning permission from An Bord Pleanala for the construction of 30 new homes on the site of 84 North King Street.



The next Horse Fair in Smithfield will be held on Sunday, September 3rd. Dublin City Council has approved the temporary closure of a number of roads across the district to ensure all relevant restrictions and regulations can be complied with. Therefore, the Transportation Department has agreed that the following streets will be closed between 7am and 3pm on Sunday, September 3rd, including:

• Smithfield, New Church Street, Friary Grove, Bow Street, Lincoln Lane, Nicholas Avenue, May Lane, Hammond Lane, Phoenix Street North, Arran Street, Haymarket, Blackhall Walk, Brown Street North, Burgess Lane, Arran Quay Terrace, Coke Lane and Stable Lane.

An alternative traffic management plan will be put in place for the duration of the Horse Fair. All traffic associated with the Fair will access Smithfield via North King Street only. Both local vehicular and pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the course of the day.



Dublin City Council recently granted planning permission for the redevelopment of the former Motor Tax Office Building. This permission will allow for the construction of a new 249 bedroom hotel over eight stories. However, An Taisce subsequently appealed this decision to An Bord Pleanala on the grounds that the permitted development will have on nearby protected structures, including the Four Courts. Residents that lodged observations on the original application have an opportunity along with myself to lodge a further submission to An Bord Pleanala prior to any final consideration of the appeal. As your local Councillor, I will make sure to keep you updated of developments in respect of this project.



Dublin City Council officials are continuing to progress the proposed redevelopment of the Fish Market site but I accept that moving it ahead has been exceedingly slow! Proposals have been presented with regards the height and treatment of the boundary wall with the common area of Blocks A and B. The tendering process to select a possible contractor to undertake the works will close on August 17th next. Too many promises by other politicians have been made about when construction work will actually begin. Neither Minister Paschal Donohoe nor I will do so. However, we are working with the Public Realm team in the Planning Department of the Council to ensure that these works will start as quickly as possible. We will both keep you updated.



As Halloween approaches, the Public Domain Office of Dublin City Council will direct Litter Wardens to visitor tyre retail premises to ensure that tyres are properly disposed. Furthermore, litter wardens will seek to ensure that premises reduce waste tyre stock in. Litter wardens will also contact Market businesses regarding the storage of pallets within markets located across the North Inner City. Environmental Services officers will also monitor and inspect sites or properties that have ‘traditionally’ been used as storage areas for tyres and pallets. If you come across any materials for bonfires being stored nearby, please contact either myself or the Public Domain Officer at 1800 248 348 or



Following complaints by residents who use the Croppy Acre, I have been liaising with Dublin City Council and the Gardaí to tackle the anti-social and illegal activities that have been occurring. The Parks Department has increased the staff presence in the Croppy Acre and have been working with the Gardaí identifying those involved and to take the appropriate action. Separately, at the recent Dublin City Policing meeting, Assistant Commissioner Leahy and the Parks Superintendent have agreed to establish a working group, which I will serve on, to address similar problems in other city maintained parks. Dublin City Council has done great work in recent years to enhance the Croppy Acre so that it is an accessible and positive local amenity. We must ensure it remains just that. I will do all I can that it will!



Following a High Court challenge to the awarding of contracts for the construction of the Central and East Quads on the Grangegorman campus, the project has been delayed by almost two years. No construction work could be undertaken while the legal challenge was ongoing. Now, that those legal issues have been addressed, the Grangegorman Development Agency (GDA) is now advancing construction on the site. Let me update you on the works taking place currently and where each individual project is at:

▪ HSE Residential Care Centre: a Design Team is currently being tendered for by the Grangegorman Development Agency.

▪ HSE Primary Care Centre: construction work has been completed with the fit out of the building now underway. The facility should be open by years’ end.

▪ Central & East Quads: construction work on the student accommodation centre is expected to begin this summer.

▪ Academic Hub: the GDA has appointed a Design Team with the historic North House to form a central component of the final design.



The Transportation Strategic Policy Committee of Dublin City Council met last month where a discussion on the proposed Liffey Cycle Route took place. Officials put forward a revised Option that would see private vehicles continue to use the North Quays between Queen Street and Church Street, which represents a significant change from the proposals contained in Option 7. This alternative proposal differs in a number of ways, including:

▪ The boardwalk would be used by cyclists with pedestrians continuing to use the existing riverside footpaths.

▪ The boardwalk would not be tied into Mellowes Bridge but would be brought through the quay wall immediately either side of the bridge.

▪ The two-way cycle route would continue through the pinch point at Mellowes Bridge using the lane currently being used by general traffic. Access to the remaining lane would be controlled by new traffic signals upstream of Mellowes Bridge which would alternatively allow either buses or general traffic through the shuttle. This would allow for priority to be given to buses during peak times while still allowing general traffic to use this route.

Further concerns were raised and additional assessments have been sought. These assessments relate to noise and pollution as well as traffic impact analysis which is to be presented to the autumn meeting of the Transportation Policy Committee. I will keep residents fully updated on this issue. Please contact me if you have any questions or queries about the details above.

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Fine Gael Councillor - North Inner City

Chair, Urban Form & Planning Strategic Policy Committee

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